The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season Finale Review: Danielle Will Get the Respect She Deserves!!

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The season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey began at Teresa’s house.

There, the clan feasted upon bowls of olive oil with hunks of Parmigiano-Reggiano drowning in it. They discuss, of course, the Prostitution Whore and the case against Ashley, the moronic daughter. Caroline is getting all hot and bothered about this stuff. 

She, and by she we mean a producer, has the brilliant plan that she should go set things straight with our beloved Danielle. Caroline doesn’t recall that every other cast member has tried this only to have their various encounters with Danielle go spectacularly awry.

Caroline says she’ll don a bikini and dive into the mud pit with the Prostitution Whore as long as her homies have her back. In a manner of speaking of course.


Back at her moldering cave, Danielle gets Caroline’s text. Caroline has written, “I’d like to put an end to all the nonsense,” and the Prostitution Whore doesn’t like that.

But hey, Danielle Staub is a strong, independent lady now and she’s going to this little get-together, come hell or high water. She reminds her daughters to trust her.

They've been praying, after all. What does this prayer sound like?

Danielle: “Dear Gawd, please flip Dina’s Mercedes into a ditch. And give Caroline the flesh-eating virus. And have Jacqueline get run over by a freak escape bullet train. And let Teresa’s daughters cannibalize her. Oh, and please make my biological mother an heiress. Amen.”

Daughters: “Dear Gawd, please send Child Protective Services to our house right now.”  

In Danielle’s own words, “I’m not in fear no more.” So well put.

Her daughters roll their eyes as Mommy Dearest declares she will be heading into battle. “I will get the dignity and the respect that I deserve,” she declares.

Of course you will, honey! Just like you did at the table-flipping dinner. 

Just like you did when you met with Dina at the restaurant. No, just like you did at the baby cancer dinner thing! No, wait!,Just like you did at the fashion show!! NO, HOLD ON, just like you did when you took Ashley to court!!! Oh, screw it.

You’ll never get the dignity and respect you deserve, Danielle, because you deserve no dignity and respect. You deserve to be thrown face-first down into a sewer.  

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I honesty think all the women need to seriously re-evaluate there lives before they cruelly criticize Daniel. Daniel has committed some pretty huge mistakes in her life, and its not fair to be based on previous mistakes especially when you've taken a huge stride to better your life. I feel Daniel has taken accountability for her actions but people take advantage of her past crimes and extort her presently, as people will only think she's lying more. I can see why she'd lie, if not for her children, she knows her situation is not gonna turn for the better. What more do the housewives want1? First of Caroline claims she never talks about Daniel or what she does, yet admitted to openly showing Daniel's book around! Isn't that a lie? Teresa is psychotic, and pretty delusional to still think she's financially able and elite while filing bankruptcy in the midst of a 11 million dollar debt. Daniel saying "pay attention" to Teresa was pretty funny, but in all honesty Teresa is a little slow. If anyone saw the RHONJ second season reunion, jacqueline made allusions to Daniel being a bad parent. All i gotta say, LOOK WHOS TALKING. Maybe she should spend more time taming her spoiled, idiotic, and arrogant daughter rather than watching Daniels tape. And in every reunion, the girls feel the need to add there two cents into Daniel's speech meant to CLARIFY (too big of a word for you Teresa?) any misconceptions about her. So who's really obsessed?! I'd say the housewives are obsessed about Daniel!


I have to side with Danielle on this one. I felt that Caroline should not have brought up Danielle's past. It had nothing to do with the current issue of her having been attacked by Jacqueline’s daughter. I also don't feel that Danielle arrived to meet with Caroline with her "walls already up". She even agreed with Caroline from the start that she agreed with what she was saying. Instead what Caroline should have done was to maintain her bargaining power by agreeing that Jacqueline’s daughter should have to suffer a consequence for what she had done to Danielle, but that they hoped to keep it out of the court systemn rather than "attacking" Danielle as a person once again. It unfortunately, got her nowhere!
Caroline didn’t maintain the “high rode�.

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