A "Huge Journey" Ahead on The Vampire Diaries, Producer Teases

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With just two days to go until the season two premiere of The Vampire Diaries, fans are anxious to every nugget of information they can find about what's on tap.

Enter Kevin Williamson. The producer spoke to Collider this week and while he shied away from any major spoilers, he revealed just enough about Katherine and Tyler and flashbacks to get us even more excited than before for Thursday night...

What can you tell us about season two?
Katherine being back in Mystic Falls is a bit of a game changer for the show. It’s about, “How is that going to affect Damon and Stefan, in terms of Katherine now being back in town?” It’s so hard to talk about it without giving anything away because it seems like everything is a surprise and everything is a twist. But, Katherine comes back and pretty much states why she’s back. It will be fun to watch that play out. If you’ve watched our show in the past, you know that there’s always more than one reason why someone is there. It’s a huge journey.

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Has Katherine changed?
She’s meaner. Actually, it’s going to be interesting to watch. She’s different, in the sense that she doesn’t have to wear corsets anymore. I’m scared to say because it will tease where she’s been. What she’s been up to is a bit of a secret.

Will there be more flashback episodes?
Right now, we have one. We have three flashback episodes planned, and I’m guessing there will be a fourth.

Tell us about the Lockwood Curse.
Tyler is going to learn, through help from his Uncle Mason, who comes to town in the very first episode, who and what he is. He’s going to learn about the curse, who he is and how he responds to it. 

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lol :) my friends friend is L.J.Smith! the person who wrote the books of VD!!! ;) cant wait to get her autograph,
VD started here, in the UK, this past Tuesday!!! my friend was SO excited that she couldnt breathe rofl. anyway


love mondays! i'm in australia and season 2 has just aired - i'm so excited to see the new story lines!


I just cant wait for season two.I'm dying to know more about Katherine and where she's been.Love the flashback episodes.


The television show is much better than the books. The books were still a good read and there are many differences between the books characters and the televsion tv shows cast. But I am so hooked.Living in South Africa and cannot wait for the season two to be released here-*excitement*


yea i kinda feel katherine will leave early too for sum reason cuz there isnt room for her and the werewolves...


am i the only one who thinks katherine is going to leave pretty early into season 2. they go right into werewolf mythology and katherine isnt even mentioned in some of the summaries


Just two more days. I think I can do that without lashing out at the CW.


I can't wait!only 2 more days!!!

Derenachairstelena   they all rule cant wait for s4 gg 3

Am literally on the edge of my seat in excitement!!!!!!!!


Can't wait!!

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