Brothers & Sisters Sneak Preview: Season 5 Premiere Tension!

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In this new sneak preview clip from the September 26 season premiere of Brothers & Sisters, one can't help but notice that the Walkers are being very ... un-Walker-ike.

A year has past in the B&S universe since the car crash that claimed Robert's life at the end of the fourth season in May. Now so much has changed, and yet nothing has.

"The Homecoming" quickly becomes very awkward as Justin returns from Haiti and confronts Sarah's decision regarding the Narrow Lake property. Check it out below ...

[video url="" title="Brothers & Sisters Premiere Sneak Peek"] [/video]

Think the family will eventually come around? Or will they be forever fractured, or at least altered by last season's tragedy? These Season 5 spoilers offer some more clues ...

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i can't see it, because i am from Europe..
Can anybody help???


Rachel Griffiths is always so perfect in her role as Sarah Walker. I cannot wait for season 5 to start.

Brothers & Sisters Quotes

Holly: Have you tried online dating?
Sarah: Oh, come on, Holly. You're just trying to think up another way for me to make a complete ass of myself.

I don't wanna miss the fight.