Coming to Private Practice: The Darkest Story Yet

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Private Practice has dealt with some messed up stuff. Teen pregnancy, affairs, terminal illness? Standard. Killing off Dell's wife and then Dell himself? That was really sad.

The whole plot line of Violet having her baby stolen out of her womb by a crazy woman with a scalpel? One of the most disturbing things we've seen on any television show.

Still, it's about to get even worse! Entertainment Weekly reports that the upcoming season will feature its most tragic, dark story yet during November sweeps. Gulp.

Any theories on what that could entail?

Addison in Action

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It's hard to imagine anything worse than Heather and Dell dying within a few months of each other, and leaving Betsey an orphan. The only thing worse would be any of the children (Betsey, Lucas or Olivia) getting kidnapped or perhaps dying...or one of the characters suffering from a terminal illness. I really love Addie and Charlotte, and don't want bad things to happen to them :(


I hope it's not's so disturbing but maybe Addison does get raped and she becomes pregnant.


WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY DOSE EVERYTHING THINK ADDISON IS GOING TO GET RAPPED AND... i cant type it.... garrr to horrible. ecspecaly now that her and sam are tograther, wich has taken way to long!
anyways, why dose everyone think that?!?!? its way to uch to think, maybe somthing liter,like dead babies. -_- no that would suck. BUT YOU KNOW!


Un secuestro


maybe they all die in a california earthquake, and thats that of private practice. And to top it all off, seattle gets washed out by a flood and you can say goodbye to greys anatomy too.


I like all of Aries93 theories.


addision being raped and mugged and left for dead and then living only to find out one of her 2 eggs is fertilized and she is pregnant. or maybe lucas dies


wooo, totally excited about this! drkish story and doesn't Addison look kinda old in the picture?:P


The Darkest things I can think of would involve incest or child molestation....


It just hit me.
Maybe Maja suffers from postpartum depression and kills the baby? Or the baby just dies in general due to SIDS or something?

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