Criminal Minds Preview: "J.J."

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Last night's Criminal Minds season premiere tied up one of the show's most dramatic, compelling story arcs in years, with A.J. Cook's Jennifer Jereau spearheading the effort.

Next week, the show bids farewell to Cook in an episode fittingly titled "J.J." As she tries to reunite a family with a daughter who disappeared, she receives another job offer.

Here's CBS' first preview for next week's installment ...

[video url="" title="JJ Promo"] [/video]

Are you sad A.J. is departing, and do you think it will upset the balance of this terrific cast? Are you happy she's at least getting a nice sendoff with these episodes? Tell us what you think by commenting below, and click to enlarge some photos from "J.J." as well:

Farewell to One of Their Own
Hotchner and JJ
JJ Photo

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Hello anyone out there with a brain? Why in gods name would you remove a main character like that? CBS - think of it like what GAP did - the press was SO bad when some genius decided to change the logo, they went back to their original logo - get a clue from that, reverse the bad decision and move on.


Please bring back JJ. She was a big part of the success of the show. It will not be the same without her.


I remember one week-end Dish Network had a Criminal Minds marathon and I watched one show after another for over 10 hours.
After watching the shows, I went on Amazon and ordered the 1
through 4 series. The best show I've ever watched. Sorry to
see JJ go. I hope they bring her back or I'm afraid Criminal
Minds will not make it. This was a fine crew who worked great
together and really clicked in playing their roles. Super job


This is a another great mistake of CBS's. Bring Back JJ because this is such a great show and it needs her. We want her to stay, so bring her back CBS and stop messing up great tv.


what a mistake. Whay does CBS mess up Since she left with the idea that things could be reversed ...CBS REVERSE IT !!!!


Yah, that's a smart move- let go those who have helped you succeed, you bastards! Bring JJ back! you are making a HUGE...HUGE mistake, CBS!!! Don't let us down!


Big mistake!! Bring back JJ and fire the idiot who made this decision,


I agree with all of the posts!!! I have never watched CBS until I started watching Criminal minds on A&E and ION, I became such a fan I found out it came on CBS; and have watched the show faithfully ever since. They are breaking up a family that should not be broken. The show is great as is. It took me awhile to get use to Gideon being gone, and I dont know if I am able to get use to JJ and Prentiss being gone!!! I feel that eventually ratings will fall, because each member had its own unique contribution to the team... They need to learn from the Detroit Pistons once they lost Ben Wallace they havent won or gotten close to winning a championship since. DONT BREAK UP MY TEAM CBS!!! Hotch get her back!!


CBS screwed the fans as well as the remaining cast. Without JJ there is no heart to the show. Saw a CBS ad for the new season in USA Today last week - all the men from Defenders, Hawaii 5-0 and Criminal Minds. CBS - Clueless BastardS - are a bunch of sexist fools. Huge insult to female viewers. So after JJ's departure, F--- CBS, just like they have us. Hope all their shows dive in the ratings. Couldn't happen to a nicer group of high-paid morons!


I also like this show very much. The series has been so successful with the current team,one would think that it would be appreciated. Without J.J. who is going to be able to do her job? Her character softens the team's necessary influence on the "locals". Cutting back Emily only adds insult to injury! I find myself very concerned that CBS is doing some irreversible damage to the show. This is very sad! I really hope that with enough input from viewers CBS will reconsider this grave mistake. Please don't mess with success, CBS.

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