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When CSI concluded in May, we were left with a critical cliffhanger of Ray Langston having been stabbed. This week’s premiere resolved what happened, introduced us to some new faces, and revealed a lot of emotion. 

Indeed, season 11 started CSI viewers out with one of the more tender episodes I have ever seen. It seemed like nearly everyone was being more sensitive during "Shock Waves," as evidenced by taking a look at some of the key characters:

As Jason McCann

Catherine: She discussed talked with Nick about how she felt after Warrick’s death and how she had thrown herself into her work. When she asked Nick if he would want himself as backup right now, it was very powerful.

Nick: He was clearly rattled by both the shooting and the bomb. You could see this at the end when he freaked out trying to reload his gun. Thankfully, Catherine was there calm him down and wrangle him back in.

Ray: He had a combination things going on. First, he refused to take morphine for his pain, as he said it clouded his mind. Second, he seemed very despondent when Dr. Robbins came in to see him. He clearly has allowed Haskell to get into his head a little bit.

Dr. Robbins: Gave one of the nicest speeches of the episode to Ray. When he shared how he had felt when he lost his legs and how he has now gotten past that and still dances with his wife, I was near tears.

Sara: While I didn’t totally understand sitting in the locker room just staring at her locker, her reply that she was too tired to go home reminded me of how despondent she had gotten before leaving the show in season nine.  While I am very glad she is back, I pray we don’t see her go down that dark road again.

While the personal and emotional sharing was very well done, the best part of the episode was the introduction of Kacey Monahan, CSI’s first full time bomb technician. Kacey is being played by the always amazing Sienna Guillory.

I was not sure what to expect after reading the news that Guillory would be joining the cast. I have to say that I was totally blown away by this bombshell of a character. Allowing her to use her British accent was a brilliant touch. She is to bombs what Grissom was to insects and I can’t wait to see how her character continues to interact with the team. 

And the reason they now have a full time bomb tech is that this is going to be the “season of the bombs." Every season there is some form of ongoing story. Last season was the Jekyll and Hyde murder, the year before was the miniatures killer. This year looks like it will be a bit more explosive with bombs being the choice for this bad guy method of operation.

I'm glad to have CSI back. While I am will miss Wendy (Liz Vassey) and I am still very disappointed that we did not get to see Hodges and Wendy’s relationship actually take off, I am consoled by the addition of a sassy new character Kacey and some of the best writing I have seen on the show yet.

What did you think of the episode? Did Justin Bieber do a good job in his acting debut? Or was that hair just too distracting?


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Why is it that CSI pays so little attention to pronunciation? The English bomb girl used the American pronunciation for 'solder' which sounded plain wrong with an English accent. Likewise, in CSI: Miami I recall the English tech (played by a Canadian) using his knowledge of horse racing then referring to the Derby but again using an American pronunciation (durby instead of darby) which was a dead give away that the English was a bad act. With all the attention to detail they can't even get the pronunciation right? Why make a character English unless you're going to actually try to make it believable? Do they not think American audiences are smart enough to understand the British pronunciation, because if so that's really insulting. Why did they bring Haskell to them? All that expense. Why didn't they visit the prison? Did I miss something crucial there? I just can't imagine being authorised to waste all that money and take all that risk when a trip to the pen would've sufficed. I also hate that Ray took over as lead character. They all seem to defer to his 'brilliance' despite him being the new kid and least experienced. We saw the learning curve with Warrick, Nick and Greg but Ray just arrived damn near perfect? Please! Come on Catherine, really take charge and show those brains. And I agree with 'thedude' - whether it's reflections or outside the camera frame or a speck in the distance enlarging always brings a lovely crisp image. Not in my experience! And yeah, the crim always leaves prints despite being insanely clever or owns the only rare breed in a billion mile radius which leaves an identifying hair.


Sienna Guillory is magnificient Actress and very lovely Woman I wish if i could see her in more episodes from CSI,The lord bless Her.


Mayra, I said the same thing... Though Arya in the movie was not really the same from the books, she was one of the best things about the movie... adding a British accent only adds to it! I can't wait for tonights episode :)


OH Gosh! Sienna Guillory! I looked up the name Kacey Monahan and found Sienna Guillory and I was like 'no way it's her! The chick from Eragon, really?' but it is, and altough she's not like my 'Arya' at all, I liked her in the movie. And the brittish accent's perfect. I have the feeling that I'll like her!


@thedude1983 I agree there are some points in the show you have to suspend reality. But, keep in mind they stopped the person who's fingerprint was on the plane and there was another bomb afterwards. That means the kid who left the fingerprint was more of a patsy than first thought. This also means we have no idea who is really behind the bombs. They may be using the militia-type as a fall guy (as it were).


Tried to give this new season a chance with this episode. I just guess I'm too nit picky to enjoy this show anymore. Of course you've got a killer who's so smart that they were able to rig up remote controled bombs that could be detonated by radio transmitters hidden inside a model airplane as it flew over the bomb site, but's still stupid enough to leave their finger prints on the plane. (Not to mention the serial numbers and everything else that allows the plane to be traced back to its source of purchase) Again, the suspects are white, rightwing militia types, possibly even...gasp, militant christians. (Are they ever not?) And finally, I just couldn't stop myself from laughing when I saw the detectives view news footage of the bombings, spotted the little white speck flying around at the top of the screen, and zoomed in to get an amazingly clear picture of the remote controled plane. I just couldn't stop hearing the discussion between Kiff and Bradagen in the new series of Futurama.
Bradagen- "Why isn't this picture getting clearer?"
Kiff- "Zooming in doesn't make the picture clearer sir."
Bradagen- "Huh, it always works on CSI."

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CSI Season 11 Episode 1 Quotes

Haskell: I want Ray to live a long time so he thinks of me every time he unzips his pants
Brass: Yeah, he will remember what a putz you are.

Brass: You know what this button does.
Ray: Morphine clouds my thinking.