Gossip Girl Extended Preview: "Double Identity"

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What can we expect on Gossip Girl Monday? In the video below, producers Joshua Safran and Stephanie Savage offer some insight (and clips) from "Double Identity."

Joshua and Steph dish on Eva and Chuck's new persona (beware, they are in bed together) and also talk about the mysterious Juliet Sharp, played by Katie Cassidy.

We know she's not Gossip Girl, but what is Juliet up to? Is Chuck running from his past and what will happen when he no longer can? Watch and sound off below ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/gossip-girl-double-identity-preview/" title="Gossip Girl: Double Identity Preview"] [/video]

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i hated this ep


It looks like Juliet isn't that "creepy psycho chick," but rather just obsessed with taking Serena down and is using Nate to do that. That seems vaguely familiar to me, and yes it does remind me of Bree. She used Nate to get close to the gang because she wanted to get back at Carter who was dating Serena. We'll see how her story plays out. Thank goodness Nate isn't the brightest bulb otherwise he might not be so easy to use in such matters.


@ bm232 [Blair/Happiness = OTP] @ "WORD. Hmm, choosing between a guy who prostituted you for a hotel, and a guy who's nice and sweet to you. WHAT A DILEMMA." The dilemma is that she loves the former one and is interested only in the title of the latter one. Moreover, she doesn't know the prince that well yet.


its so weird and wrong that chuck and eva are more affectionate in bed than Chuck and Blair ever where. What are the writers trying to sell us? Who the hell knows. I liked the prince with Blair , and i hope they'll meet sometime again after paris :) WORD. Hmm, choosing between a guy who prostituted you for a hotel, and a guy who's nice and sweet to you. WHAT A DILEMMA.


f*ck ***


What the actual f*uck!? Who is comparing Juliet to Bree!? Juliet is a creepy psycho chick obsessed with all of them! Do tell me how that resembles Bree's character? I'm sorry but if you think this Juliet storyline is "dull" I doubt you're gonna find anything else on the show interesting! I think its an awesome storyline!!! As for Chuck/Eva... ugh please gag me!


Clearly Juliet is up to something. Didn't we already see something like this with Bree. Can't they come up with a better storyline? As for Chuck and Eva, I find it hard to believe he could move on so quickly. It seems if he is going to change--be someone totally different--he might want to be on his own for a bit, not jump into a relationship. Hopefully things will get a little more interesting, but at this point the storylines seem a little tired.


the whole situation with eva reminds me a little of MISERY by stephen king... kind of creepy.


Eva saved Chuck, apparently. If she wasn't good, she would have left him there to die. Instead, she nursed him back to health. If anything, he's going to love her for that... Chuck and Blair = endgame.
Quit worrying :)


Lucinda G I totally agree

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