Stephanie Savage: Juliet is Not Gossip Girl!

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Despite her suspicious nature and her computer screen showing the eponymous website in the Gossip Girl season premiere, Katie Cassidy's Juliet is not the title character.

Many fans, including the TVF Round Table panel, interpreted the intriguing scene this way, or at least considered it a possibility when coupled with Juliet's bulletin board.

But the show's executive producer says it's not so.

An On-Set Stroll

Juliet and Nate go for a stroll ... watch your back, Archibald!

While Ms. Sharp's wall of notes regarding the Upper East Siders is grounds for great curiosity, Stephanie Savage debunked the Gossip Girl rumor, telling Fancast this:

“Part of me would like to be, ‘Sure, go ahead and pontificate. But no, that is not her.’”

If she's not Gossip Girl, then who is Juliet Sharp and what is her agenda?

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