Gossip Girl Photo Gallery: "Goodbye, Columbia"

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Gossip Girl returns with a new episode this evening, "The Undergraduates." Follow these links for photos from the episode, the third of the fall, as well as sneak previews.

Next week's episode is "A Touch of Eva" (click here for pictures). The following week, October 11, "Goodbye, Columbia" features Blair and Serena at NYC's own Ivy League school.

In this episode, a Gossip Girl blast targets Serena, while a mystery student tries to thwart Blair's efforts to become a professor's prized understudy. Juliet is still there, too.

Click to enlarge the pics below and share your theories!

The Minions at Columbia
It's Vanessa!
Serenate on Campus
Poor Nathaniel
Nate, Juliet Photo
S in Yellow
Juliet and Nate Picture
Secret Phone Call?
Ladies in Yellow
Juliet is Still There
Hello, Columbia
Undergrads Walking
A Nice Serena Pic

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Its Far East Movement, try amazon or a torrent site:)


what dress is serena wearing at the end!?
the offwhite sleeveless one


the song at end of goodbye colombia is "like a G6" - far east movement feat The Cataracs & Dev


What was the song playing at the end of the episode? I want to download it but I can't find it anywhere!!!


Thank god for more Serenate scenes!!


I knew she wouldn´t stay that long in an actual school!!! I mean, I don´t even get how she managed to get accepted if the only thing she knows how to do is to fu--- who ever the hell is on her way!!!


I heard Serena faces expulsion after all these events.


Poor Juliet, doesn't she know no one messes with Serena except Blair. When Blair is in full on revenge mode she'll take Juliet down. As for the student messing with Blair, my guess is Chuck is behind this. Won't it be fun to have these two back to their game playing, that is when they were the most fun and interesting.


It´s Juliet the mistery Student and THATS the she is the one that sends the blast to Gossip Girl about serena, and you know serena wanth´s to leave Columbia because that...


Goodbye, Colombia? Is someone leaving already?

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