Gossip Girl Reality Index: September 27

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We reviewed Monday evening's Gossip Girl, "The Undergraduates," earlier this morning. Now it's time for one of our favorite GG features, New York Magazine's reality index.

Excerpts from their take on the night's high and low points:

  • Eva has non-famous, normal-person teeth. Plus 2.
  • Eric is back! With no explanation or comment. Eh, Plus 2.
  • Blair: “Their membership is so restricted it makes Soho House look like a halfway house.” Plus only 1 because, let’s be honest, every house has that effect.
  • Plus 3, because even though Chuck just threw out his little black book, you can tell he clearly wants Nate to know he still knows where it’s at.
  • Blair’s face when Eva appears ... Plus 10.
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  • Why is Serena wise and all-seeing all of a sudden when it comes to Juliet? Minus only 1, because when something comes between her vagina and its food, Serena’s brain is clearly allowed to receive the proper amount of blood flow.
  • They wear those giant keys around their necks all the time? Do Pi Kappa Alpha girls wear tiny kegs of booze around their necks, like St. Bernards? No. At least they would have had Tiffany make nice, demure necklaces or something. Minus 8.
  • Eric remembers that Chuck tried to rape Jenny. Finally! Someone does! Plus 10.
  • Well, well, well, we have to give it to the writers, we did not quite see that Juliet setup coming. Way to go, Blair and Serena. Plus 10 for consistency.
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yes, i noticed the "chuck-nate-black book" scene, and I was thinking exactly the same! :)
oh, and about chuck treating blair like crap - she deserves it, considering how she treated eva!


Well you forgot something : Chuck treating Blair like crap MINUS 10000000000000000000000000000000000 , only this little because he showed the attempt to at least look at her face .


Also wanted to add Pi Kappa Alpha is a fraternity so that whole point just sucked!


Just wanted to comment on the point about the necklaces, they are actually Tiffany Keys which are one of Tiffanys latest pieces so that didnt really make sense to me at all... I mean if your going to question proffesionals dont you want to get your facts right??


Pi Kappa Alpha is a fraternity... just saying.


From HookedonBass @NYMag
Oh Dan, spare us the foster care drama: 2-month-old white babies are the Birkin bags of the adoption world. One look at that chubby bunny in his little bear hat and there'd be a queue around the block. Minus 10


From Cellardoor @NYMag
"Dorota’s delivery of “Champagne?� was perfect. Perfect. +1000 for having her back, and Eric back, and still no sign of Jenny. Speaking of which, at one point Rufus says “Jenny keeps insisting Chuck didn’t do anything wrong�….so WHY is his entire family still shunning him? I guess it’s hard to swallow that your daughter had sex, but c’mon. Also, pipe down Eric, she poured yogurt on you and egged your boyfriend. Stop defending this twit. -50" Couldn't agree more


Pike(pi kappa alpha) is a fraternity


It happens the same to me! Have you resolved the issue?


Pretty sure Pi Kappa Alpha is a fraternity......

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Rita: Luckily, Robin was working with me in New York this week and able to bring along a very special video of Blair.
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