One Tree Hill Review: "I Can't See You But I Know You're There"

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What a stomach punch. 

I was all ready to be back on board the One Tree Hill train after an improved season premiere... and then this?  On "I Can't See You, But I Know You're There," Clay and Quinn took near-death hallucinations to a whole new level, and not in a good way.

I am not one for dream sequences in general, but I could choke down the scenes by these two in the premiere because they were off in their own beach setting.  I assumed once they figured out what was going on, it would be the end of it.

Mia and Chase

Boy, was I wrong!  What I couldn't handle is the fact that these two were having simultaneous out of body experiences in which they watched their own surgeries.  I mean, come on, that is tough to sell me on.

And how is Clay so knowledgeable on how these types of in between life and death situations work?  He knew that Quinn feeling weaker meant that she was going back to real life, and he knew exactly when she was going to leave him in this limbo of a reality?  Why?  What's the reasoning behind his obscure knowledge on this subject?

So now that we have that out of the way, let's get to the other stuff I didn't like about this week's episode.  I still can't get over how underdeveloped Clay and Quinn are as characters.  As they hung in the balance of life and death, I found myself not caring whatsoever about which way the landed.

I mean, the moments in which James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Galeotti gave such great monologues to unconscious Clay and Quinn, respectively?  Those were great, but I could care less because of the characters they were having the heart to hearts with.  If that was Lucas and Peyton lying in those hospital beds, I definitely would have shed a tear or two.

And onward to the only other story of the episode that gave us much to work with.  The Chase/Mia/Alex triangle, and Mouth's return, could have been cut entirely and I would have been okay.  But the dynamic between Julian and Jamie was interesting to me.

When Jamie and Nathan interact, it doesn't feel comfortable at all.  It's very mechanical and their love for each other doesn't really shine through.  Jamie and Julian, on the other hand, work like gang busters.  Their chemistry in the scene where they are conjuring stories for people at the arcade more than made up for the horrific batting cage scene just before it.  Seriously why are TV shows so bad at sport segments?

Jaime and Julian

Although Julian's character is enjoyable when interacting with Jamie, that's about the only time he is still worth watching.  This all-around good guy version of the character isn't nearly as entertaining as the sarcastic, disinterested Julian we first met in season six.  Julian has matured, just like Nathan did back in the early seasons. We need another male jerk to come on the show to break up this gang of nice guys.

Anyway, Quinn has come back to life, while Clay still lies in the balance.  When will he make his way back?  And do you care if he does?  Questions about Haley's pregnancy and Nathan's health status are still up in the air.  Things should get interesting in the coming episodes, as long as the out of body experiences end soon.

Other Thoughts:

  • Starting every episode this season with Haley writing to Lucas would be a great addition.  Let's hope this stays.
  • They really knew what they were doing with the nostalgia of bringing the theme song back.  Having different people perform it from time to time makes it that much better.  This week the opening credits were performed by Kate Voegele (Mia).
  • This week in the quirky One Tree Hill-ism in which different characters say the same thing seconds after each other, we had: Brooke and Mia both having "long stories" and Mouth, Mia and Brooke all claiming "it's my fault."

What were your favorite One Tree Hill quotes from the episode?


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I thought that was one of the most emotional eps of OTH I'v seen, to me it felt real and i cried like a little baby when clay told quinn to open her eyes. The writers did an exceptional job with this. so Thankyou!! Makes me fall in love with OTH all over again


I have to admit , i was a hardcore OTH fan , now not so much i tuned in every week and watched since the beginning in 2003 and i stopped being a hardcore fan after the may 2009 finale when Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton left the show. now i will watch it to check in on Brooke , Nathan and Hailey but the others i could care less about. if i miss a new episode i don't care as much as i did with Season 1-6. I'm sorry but Clay and Quinn feel exactly What they are meant to be which is Substitutes, i don't believe in their love it feels so forced and Contrived. Alex is like a Brooke 2.0 but she can't hold a candle to Brooke. and i feel Owen the bartender had more chemistry with Brooke then Julian. i do like Mia though and as for that love triangle i hope Mia wins!!.


all i have to say is that i love mark schwan and i love OTH. !!!
and what ever they do is cool, because im still on the edge of my seat afte 8 years wondering what will happen next love it !!!


I agree, everyone has their opinions, and that's exactly how I feel about this review.
I beg to differ. I thought this weeks episode was great. This is a tv show, so it's difficult to enjoy if your dwelling on the past. Exactly where characters Lucas and Peyton are. Lucas and Peyton were a huge part of this show, for the longest time they were OTH, but their storyline was intense, and it unfortunately drew to an end. There are still other characters on this show who mean just as much as Lucas and Peyton. I felt the emotion in the Quinn and Clay scenes, I could see the raw emotion in Quinn's face when she didn't want to leave Clay, and when she woke up. I also really loved the scenes with Nathan and Haley... Loved the Jamie and Julian scenes as well, but I also have to disagree that Nathan and Jaime have bad on screen chemistry as father and son. The dream sequence is based off one persons beliefs, and some may not find that appealing, but I thought it was done nicely. Not too unbelievable. Just my opinion.


good to have the themesong back! love that song! also, HUGE fan of naley and it's nice to see brooke finally with julian. the ghost scene has worked for a lot of tv shows recently (SPN etc) didn't actually mind the sequence and their scenes actually had me in tears. as for lucas and peyton, they are gone, living happily together somewhere FAR FAR away from tree hill. i think we need some more interesting storylines and perhaps new blood to shake things up, mind you if you mess with naley or brulian i will hunt you down! lol phew, can't wait to see the rest of this season! bring it on! OTH 4eva!


bringing back the theme song was a great idea. but that version on tuesday night was WRETCHED!


well i guess everyone has their own opinions, i mean there's not much we can do.. all up to mark schwan...
anyways, still love the show!!!


Though all the characters lost their signature characteristics as the seasons progressed, I think Nathan got off the worst. Brooke comes a close second. The next time she's going to breathe deeply, flail her arms and rant, I wanna give her a tight slap. She's losing it. The humor, the naughtiness, the sex appeal, everything! Can we really blame her when her best friend Haley acts like a grandmom instead of a mom? If you ask me, go ahead, make her poor. I'm done with the 'high-power' drama.
As to Clay and Quinn, I gasped real loud when they were shot in the last season. Now it feels like I'm being made to slowly n painfully release the breath I sucked in too fast through those silly tubes they stuck in their mouths.
I don't mind the life-and-death situations in OTH, despite their predictability. But the in-between, ferrying-souls, super-consciouness or whatever it is, of not one, but two characters in not one but two episodes made me reaaaally sick!
Bottom Line: Who gives a sh**?


LOVE Clay and Quinn; Lucas and Peyton are long gone and the show has moved on into its second season without them now. Time for fans to move on too! Clay and Quinn are characters that you can love and grow with if you give them the chance! I hope they both make it through this. I love the in between experiences that they are having, I just want him to be okay too. I totally love Chase and his new love triangle. Met him a couple of weeks ago and he was super nice, plus it is interesting that its between Alex and Mia. Julian and Jamie scenes were hilarious, and I'm glad Mouth is back. Can't wait until next week!


I love One Tree Hill.... I liked how they went out of body experiences with each other it gave the show more feeling to me... i want Quinn and clay to live and make it thru this mess... and as far as haley being pregnant i think its great i wish it was brooke thou.. And as far as lucas and peyton i hope they do come back.. it just aint the same without them... and as far as what brookes mother did to her i would so file charges on that hoe....

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