Private Practice Spoilers: Tragedy For a Female Character

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Before the start of the season, we teased the darkness coming to Private Practice, a story line that promised a tragedy unlike any we've seen before - and this show has seen plenty.

Well, we can now confirm, thanks to EW, that the story in question involves a major female character. Which one do you think it is, and what tragedy could await them this season?

Last week's season premiere, "Take Two," set a bunch of developments into motion, story arcs that could take any number of shocking twists. Share your predictions with us below.

Women of Private Practice

Charlotte, Violet, Addison and Naomi. One of them (or Amelia) will experience tragedy.

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Charlotte, most likely. Addison has had more than her share, what with her marriage breaking up, her infertility, her series of failed relationships, the cataclysmic episodes with her family, etc. She's finally found happiness with Sam, and I think the writers may at least let her enjoy that for a while. Naomi already faced Maya's pregnancy and William's death. Violet has been through so much with Lucas, and is finally starting to recover from the damage. Amelia is still new, and not (yet) a major character, but there's always the possibility that bad things could happen...So that leaves Charlotte, for whom things have been comparatively...mellow, I suppose. Maybe something will happen involving her brothers or her ex.

Maddi van maanen

I think it will be charlotte and then my second guess would be addison because naomi has already had enough drama with maya, and violet has had a baby cut out of her and that leaves two and even though they have had some bumpy roads aswell i still think im on to something :_)


I don't understand how people are saying that bad things always happen to Addison. I'm not saying bad stuff hasn't happened, but bad stuff has happened to everyone at some point, however, all the truly horrific ordeals has always been another character than Addison (in both PrP and Grey's). For the most part she's been either the savior or a sideline observer. I really do think it'll be Addison this time. It won't be Violet, that's for sure, she's had to deal with the most crap out of anyone on that show, even if we don't count past off-screen events, like the rape she endured in college. Naomi is unlikely also, with the whole Maya drama last year. It *could* be Charlotte, but I think centering a dark story around Addison would create bigger ripples, as it would cause a big shift in her personality. Charlotte would most probably shut down and harden, in other words, she would probably revert to something akin to what she was in the beginning of the show. As to *what* the tragedy is, there aren't really many possibilities. It's supposed to be the darkest storyline they've done (and we already know it's not a disease), and considering what happened to Violet, it has to be something really brutal. A rape *is* one option, but it could be something else as well. We'll just have to wait a month or so and we'll know...


It's gonna be Naomi I reckon.. I mean like, ridiculous amounts of rubbish have happened to her so far and I think that she'll get emotional about it and try commit suicide or something crazy. I don't think it's fair that it's always Addison. She deserves happiness for once!

i so hope it's not rape.
and some stuff people are also saying..
[i dont wnna type it. to horrible :(]
cant be true. IT BE SO SAD!
this is scarying me .
but it's probably addison.
it always is :(


I hope it's gonna be Addie. Kate can rock this and like Jamie said it can be good for the ratings (God knows how much they need some good ones...). Violet has had enough, Charlotte is too boring, it wouldn't bring in any viewers and Naomi went through enough already (Maya, Addie and Sam, William). I too think it could be a rape, the sides lead me too think that. I need to know more!!


My guess is Addison or Charlotte but the person I'd most like it to be is Naomi as she irritates me no end. Plus, she doesn't look like she's got any significant storylines coming her way considering William died and all. I can be hopeful. I think it'll be Addison, like most others, and probably rape (but knowing Shonda she'll be waaaay more creative) and maybe Addison will get preggers with her last egg or something and have to to decide whether to keep it or not! Charlotte hasn't had a major storyline for awhile and though she had tragedy in the form of her father dying I think its time for some angst for her and Coop. I wanna see him caring for her again! :) And pulling her on his lap!! Anyhoo, can't wait!


I am going to say Charlotte or Addison. -Violet got her tragedy with the 'home-birthing-c-section'.
-Naomi got hers with the the whole 'my daughter is pregnant and married at 15 and now she is probably dying on the operating table'.
-Amelia I highly doubt as she is new. Plus, the confrontation with her brother will open up a storyline. -Charlotte for the reason because she is engaged and happy right now with her job and life. So I am guessing that her life will crumble down with her. Possibly her ex-husband returning as their divorce is probably not finalized properly and he will want to get back together and she won't. So it will lead to the rape of Charlotte. Which would be great for the character as she is seen as cold and heartless.
-Addison because bad things ALWAYS happen to her. However, the writers may want to lean away from their to give her character a break. Overall, it could be ANYONE of them. But we don't know because we have 5 female characters to think about. Remember: It's always the one you least suspect.


hear hear MJ_McBelle. Please Shonda, they've had enough! :'(......


I would have to agree with Jamie on this one...if it's for ratings, I would assume it's Addison (at least if the show runners are smart). My initial instinct when I first heard about the story was a rape/possible pregnancy as a result. Sticking with that one. Addison's entire season can't just be a romp with Sam and given that the news of that relationship went over relatively well with Naomi on last night's ep, she's due for a tragedy as dictated by Shonda's form. Can't everyone just be HAPPY????!!! Come on, tv, get on board!

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Private Practice Quotes

Charlotte: My mom always says God doesn't give with both hands. You're young, beautiful, brilliant. There has to be something you can't have.
Amelia: Some days I'd give that all up.
Charlotte: That's just the craving talking. The longer you go without a drink...
Amelia: I drank at your wedding. I thought it was ginger ale. I spit it out.
Charlotte: OK, since then?
Amelia: Nothing, but I can't stop thinking about it.
Charlotte: It was an accident. Don't let a slip turn into a fall. Get your butt to a meeting.

Having a conscience is brutal.


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