Rachael Taylor to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy

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Australian model-actress Rachael Taylor, who's perhaps best known for her role as Maggie in Transformers, is joining Grey’s Anatomy for a multi-episode arc, EW reports.

Taylor’s character, which won't be debuting until midseason, is still being crafted, but a Grey’s Anatomy insider confirms she'll be playing a ... wait for it ... doctor.

We're interested to learn more about her role on Season 7 of Grey’s Anatomy, which gets underway September 23, and will let you know any new info we learn!

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I think this is someone for Callie to flirt with, she has a thing for blond female doctors. Don't know much about AZ, but Julie, Cindy Crawford, and Callie are all brunette so, I don't think new doc is her style. She won't be there long, just long enough for Jessica's maternity leave and to allow AZ to have a spastic freak-out ala "I am HOT!"


@ Kelly
izzy's daughter ( hannah) was 11 in seaons 3 hardly going to be old enough to be an intern in season 7 even with the crazy grey's anatomy stretching of reality


izzies daughter as an intern! it could happen people!


noooooo not another doctor...oh and i have this stupid feeling that alex will be very attracted to her...you know..blonde...pretty...omg its izzie no 3 ;)


She'll be doc specialized in psychiatry,top floor of the hospital,i think that she is for Lexie and then for Alex...


100% love interest for alex


Maybe it's Derek's unnamed sister. shes a doctor too!


To Shonda likes the blondes,it's arriving another ...blond and hot ,but one ugly doc ever.


Vivacious Hot Blonde doctor..... Hmmm let me think who is she filling the void for? IZZIE!!! Hope not! Cuz i seriously am looking forward for Kat Heigl to check back (even temporarily for the closure)!


I find shadow shepherd to be extremley hot

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