Rookie Blue Review: "To Serve or Protect"

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Give Rookie Blue credit: it knows what it is.

The show typically treads in cliches and stereotypes; it doesn't delve too deeply into its characters; and it wraps up every issue (with the exception of Andy/Sam) with a pretty, basic bow by the end of every hour.

This isn't meant as a criticism. Rookie Blue a light, easily watchable summer program. But imagine if the series actually took a risk on this week's episode, "To Serve or Protect." Imagine if Andy's father actually did commit that murder.

McNally and Swarek

Such a development would serve as a surprise to viewers (always a good thing), would not be out of character for Tommy, would set up a morally grey debate for us (was Tommy right or wrong?) and lead to an extremely interesting arc for Andy.

As Swarek said, the stink of her dad's crime would follow Andy around for years - and we'd get to watch how this affected her at work and as a person.

Instead, Rookie Blue took the safe way out. It even put Tommy into AA to give us a happy, simple ending.

The episode was perfectly solid, with an especially good performance by Missy Peregrym. She was fantastic in her speech to her dad, telling him she couldn't clean up his messes any longer; and in her reaction to later learning about the mother of that victim years ago.

But soon after "To Serve or Protect" concluded, I found myself lamenting the missed opportunity for this show to take an edgy step and get out of its comfort zone for a change.

Other notes/observations:

  • Funny stuff between Dov and Diaz. I wouldn't have minded if the guy who played The Guardian stuck around as a quasi informant for the precinct. Maybe that's still a possibility.
  • Gail. Traci. From feuding to friendship. Eh, I don't care about these two very much.
  • If the show wants us to believe in Andy and Luke as a couple, it has to give us more on the latter. We know absolutely nothing about the guy. He's nice, forgiving, good at his job... but there's just not the same spark as there is between her and Swarek. That doesn't exactly make for pulse-pounding television.
  • I asked last week and I'll ask again: Why aren't Andy and Sam together? Aside from the writers wanting to drag this out for tension's sake, is there a legitimate storyline reason for them to not be taking that chemistry from the squad car to the bedroom?

What did everyone else think of the episode?


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Holli & kitti = same person = the author posting comments on his own stupid review. Y'all need to quit your b*tcvhing already coz we like the show as it is so eff you and the horse you rode in on. Go back to watching drama-heavy idiot shows like law & order which provide ZERO ENTERTAINMENT! We've had it with dumb 'reality shows' and other shti like that. You can just turn on the news or go browse for gore images on google. The rest of us appreciate entertainment and RB just as it is so STFU already with your pompous idyott words like "arc" because it's obvious you're uneducated and you don't even know what ARCH means so fuque you and the horse you rode in on. GO VISIT YOUR LOCAL MORGUE you dumb@$$ and if you need more drama in your life, invite your mother in law for dinner, or better yet, let your wife/girlfriend know you've been having seks with her prettier next door neighboor. That should satisfy your need for perversion right there. If all else fails go to a taping of Jerry Springer show, where y'all obviously belong and leave this hit Canadian show in peace, you jealous fffuqerrs!!!


The Sam/Andy/Luke triangle is becoming too soap opera-ish. It's clear Andy is with Luke because he's a safe, nice guy, not like the bad boys she's apparently chosen in her past. There is definitely more chemistry between her and Sam, and viewers are going to start getting bored if that doesn't play out. This could be an outstanding t.v. show if the writers would spend as much time beefing up the storylines and adding more suspense as they do making sure each episode ends with a feel good moment. It's not quite funny enough to qualify as a dramady but still too light to compete with the top television cop dramas. That being said, it's still my favorite t.v. show. Ben Bass could stand up there picking his nose and scratching his butt and I wouldn't want to miss a second.


I would really prefer to see Andy w/ Swarek too. The reason given in the plot is that it is against the rules to date your training officer. Gail, Oliver and Gerry have all subtly emphasized that point. I find the plot lines compelling. I didn't start watching until episode 5 and am now obsessed. The characters aren't as developed yet as on some of my other favorite shows, for example Friday Night Lights but they just started this show. It is not particularly realistic but I am interested in the characters and dialogue not a show like "Cops"tm or even another Law & Order. Ps I love this site!


I totally agree. Why is Andy still with Luke? Swarek is the one who is always there for her. He's the who clearly understands her better than her boyfriend. They need to hook up already! There is no chemistry between Luke and Andy.


Oh man....
I completely agree with the review. I actually like the show, but it kinda feels like a big tease!!!! It's too good to just stop watching, but not quite good enough to really get you invested.
They created some great characters with Andy and Sam but completely forget to give us anything on the others. I like Dov and Diaz and Luke for that matter, but I don't know enough to get fully behind them. And I do not get why anyone would care if Tracy has a fight with her boyfriend or Pek has stage fright at this point...
And the weekly cases aren't half bad either. Like the cop who beat up that guy who caught him stealing a couple weeks ago, or yesterdays story about Andys dad. It would be so interesting to see some controversial decisions and some kind of fallout from these cases, but noooo! Everything is resolved easily with a smile and at the end of an initially promising episode I am left with nothing but disappointment and frustration that they didn't make more of it. Such a shame...

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