Rookie Blue Season Finale Review: An Evaluation

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Rookie Blue concluded its first season last night with a pair of contrasting episodes.

The first offered no action, just a look at the emotional toll the life of a cop can take. The second, conversely, focused on a drug sting, a wounded officer and a day in the busy, complicated lives of these same cops.

In this overall series review, we take our cue from one aspect of the two-part finale and evaluate what worked and didn't work on Rookie Blue over the course of its first season..

Judgment Day

PASS: Missy Peregrym and Ben Bass. Solid actors with great chemistry together who could go from dramatic to light-hearted in the course of one conversation. Helps that they are both easy on the eyes, as well.

FAIL: Andy and Luke. I've written about this before, but we know absolutely nothing about the latter and this relationship just feels like a forced way to keep Andy and Sam apart. Based on what we know of the couple, seems impossible to believe they'd move in together.

FAIL: Too many relationships. The show doesn't seem to know what to do with any character except toss him/her into a relationship. But these feel underdeveloped and random. Dov meets a girl at the hospital one week, she's announced as his girlfriend the next week and then they break up? Traci is dating Jerry, but we scarcely see them together and then she goes back to her ex? There's no attempt to make us care about of these couples. It would be nice if Rookie Blue could think of other ways to get side characters involved.

PASS: The action. There's always an exciting chase or shoot-out or climax to an episode.

FAIL: The lack of drama. This is my main issues with the series: it remains too shallow and fluffy. Think about it - did anyone think that lady would commit suicide last night? Or Diaz would die? Or Andy would resign? This just isn't the type of show to take any of those bold steps, which would be fine... if it didn't tease them on a weekly basis.

There's not much dramatic tension at this point because viewers know nothing terribly tragic or surprising is gonna happen. If it's not willing to kill off a character, or create a long, in-depth arc, I'd rather see the series focus more on comedic elements and stop pretending as if there's really a lot at stake each day.

PASS: Andy to that man with a gun: This is NOT my first day. Nice way of bringing the opening season full circle, as we all remember the famous scene in the pilot where Andy pleaded with a crimlnal to give her a break... because it was her first day.

Overall, Rookie Blue served its purpose as an easily watchable summer program. It returns in 2011 and I'll watch. Will you?


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does anyone know when the rookie blue series starts i miss that show soo much


This is the best show! I'm totally hooked!!! I didn't know last night was the season finale, and I will definataly be waiting for next season. I think it has just the right amount of drama!!! If they can pull off CSI in all its forms and re-run them for years on end, then a true life cop show should be able to stay a while!!!! Please don't this show off!!!!


i soooo cant wait for the season finale! and then i cant wait for season two! omg!! what a great show....its the best thursday night of my life...cant you tell?


"Rookie Blue " is one of the best shows to come along in a long time , the lead girl Character and "SAM " I think that's his character name " their Chemistry is so HOT !!! I think she is one of the Hottest ladies to hit T.V. in some time , and I'm sure the girls love the guys on the show , what's the hold up ????????


I love Andy and Luke, but I want more spice to their relationship. Pls make it happen.. They have an amazing chemistry for me :)


Cant wait till season 2


My family and I watched every episode and felt let down when summer was over. We loved Andy's emotional reaction to finding the real killer in the first episode. She is a true actor. We were intrigued every week. We will be looking for it in 2011. Can hardly wait. The cast plays well off each other and they seem well suited to the part. Keep up the good work. Lori G_T


In episode 3 takedown the officers locked in the building left their police cruiser in front of the locked gate at the entrance of the warehouse. so the bad guys should have been aware cops were around or inside. writer error. still a great show.


Ok. So I will be watching every episode from now until Rookie Blue is no longer airing. I think that they all passed. This show has done wonders. They have been rated on the top of ABC'S shows. And there is a great script written for every episode. I personally would not watch it if they killed off one of the characters every few episodes. That would make a horrible show and would not allow you to become connected with any character. And as far as the relationships go, that is what everyone wants to see. Granted I think Andy and Sam should be together. Because Luke and Andy does look forced, but the writters know what they are doing and I do think they will be together eventually. I will agree that I dont think Andy should move in with Luke. But get real, shows like this are rare. How many do you see that can hold people's attention like this one does. I usually stop watching series about four episodes in, and with Rookie Blue I couldnt stop waiting for the shows to premiere. So as far as this evaluation goes, I think that you need to look at the facts. It has made a big hit. It has ranked in the top for most watched. And the relationships and action scenes are what make the show a huge success. Not to mention that every actor in this show are excellent at what they do. So I think that Rookie Blue needs to keep doing whatever they are doing. It is a great show and I absolutely love it.


Chloe, M.L. House forgot to mention the most important incident that occurred the last minute of the show. Sam and Gail are at the bar standing across the bar from Andie and Luke while they are being all "cute together" (not going to last in my opinion) and Gail asks Sam if hes okay cause he looked all hurt while watching Andie with another man and Sam says he's fine so Gail asks him to go outside for some air and as they are walking out of the bar together, Andie turns and sees them leaving(thinking they are going home together) and by the look on her face shes hurt that Sam is leaving with Gail. She wants Sam, its written all over her face! :D yey! can't wait for season two!

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