Rookie Blue Season Finale Review: An Evaluation

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Rookie Blue concluded its first season last night with a pair of contrasting episodes.

The first offered no action, just a look at the emotional toll the life of a cop can take. The second, conversely, focused on a drug sting, a wounded officer and a day in the busy, complicated lives of these same cops.

In this overall series review, we take our cue from one aspect of the two-part finale and evaluate what worked and didn't work on Rookie Blue over the course of its first season..

Judgment Day

PASS: Missy Peregrym and Ben Bass. Solid actors with great chemistry together who could go from dramatic to light-hearted in the course of one conversation. Helps that they are both easy on the eyes, as well.

FAIL: Andy and Luke. I've written about this before, but we know absolutely nothing about the latter and this relationship just feels like a forced way to keep Andy and Sam apart. Based on what we know of the couple, seems impossible to believe they'd move in together.

FAIL: Too many relationships. The show doesn't seem to know what to do with any character except toss him/her into a relationship. But these feel underdeveloped and random. Dov meets a girl at the hospital one week, she's announced as his girlfriend the next week and then they break up? Traci is dating Jerry, but we scarcely see them together and then she goes back to her ex? There's no attempt to make us care about of these couples. It would be nice if Rookie Blue could think of other ways to get side characters involved.

PASS: The action. There's always an exciting chase or shoot-out or climax to an episode.

FAIL: The lack of drama. This is my main issues with the series: it remains too shallow and fluffy. Think about it - did anyone think that lady would commit suicide last night? Or Diaz would die? Or Andy would resign? This just isn't the type of show to take any of those bold steps, which would be fine... if it didn't tease them on a weekly basis.

There's not much dramatic tension at this point because viewers know nothing terribly tragic or surprising is gonna happen. If it's not willing to kill off a character, or create a long, in-depth arc, I'd rather see the series focus more on comedic elements and stop pretending as if there's really a lot at stake each day.

PASS: Andy to that man with a gun: This is NOT my first day. Nice way of bringing the opening season full circle, as we all remember the famous scene in the pilot where Andy pleaded with a crimlnal to give her a break... because it was her first day.

Overall, Rookie Blue served its purpose as an easily watchable summer program. It returns in 2011 and I'll watch. Will you?


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I love this show its my new fav...Just wondering when does it come back on :)


Love Rookie Blue and how they brought the first season full circle with the guy with the gun and how Andy says it's NOT her first day. It really showed me how much she had grown over the course of the season. I really loved both of the episodes and i can't wait for Season 2 of Rookie Blue. I will DEFINITELY be tuning in.


Great show. When IS it going to come back?


THANK YOU, M L House. we love that show and both were so disapointed they cut off the last 3 minutes. also nuts about memphis beat and the lead who has quite a voice at the end of the show and yeah, we are old memphians!!!!!
thank you, again!!

Matt richenthal

@Chloe: No. Everything was fine. The officers ended by bonding how they are no longer rookies. Swarek was never shot, Diaz is recovering.


abc last night cut off the last three minutes of the season ender for rookie blue. NO ONE will tell us how it ended. so did any one die at the end?????????????????????????


What we don't need is another prime time drama series turning into a prime time soap opera. Rookie Blue appears to me moving in that direction. More copper stuff and less, much less, of the relationship fluff. Men don't dig it...


I really enjoyed Rookie Blue and am hoping that it will come back at mid season instead of waiting until next summer. I too am disappointed that Sam and Andy didn't declare their undying love for each other, or something like that. They just light up a scene when they are together. Andy keeps saying that she is tired of faking it. I think this means that she is faking it in her relationship with Callahan as well as on the job. Now, since Sam declared that she is no longer faking it as a cop, she will have to learn that she is faking it in her relationship with Callahan. I think she is in a relationship with him because she feels he is safe since she feels no real passion for him (compare his kisses to Sam's) and she wants to be safe because her life growing up was so traumatic. And she thinks that Sam is a little dangerous. So since they were given another season they needed something to draw everyone back. But it just leaves us hanging for another 8 months!


I have to say I was slightly disappointed with the finale mainly because I don't buy her moving in with Luke after the trust problems, they've had. It just doesn't make sense to me and feels forced. I Guess I was really just hoping for some more Sam and Andy scenes since those two are the best together. lol. Though they did give each other some good looks and it was nice to see the team mix up partners. Gail and Chris's relationship is one I feel they've done a good job of showing so far and they did well together in this ep. Overall cant wait for season 2.

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