True Blood Season Finale Reaction: What Did You Think?

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True Blood wrapped up its suspense-filled third season with one cliffhanger of a conclusion.

We're hard at work on a thorough recap and review, but are anxious to hear from fans in the meantime: What did you think of "Evil is Going On?"

Cemetery Sookie

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Wasn't even a good episode! :| No sex, not enough violence, nothing really even came of it.. Nobody died (except those werepanthers and possibly Tommy).. I feel totally let down. :| There have been normal non-finale episodes (and quite a few of them) that felt much more complete than this finale. Grrrr.


What do I think of this season finale? Ehhhhhmmm Uhhhhhmm Zzzzz....Blah. Is Incredible that I liked way more The Vampire Diaries' season premiere than True Blood's season finale.


Sookie has gone crazy and standing up for herself, it is about time!!


Totally not what I expected! I love that I can still be shocked even after reading all of the spoilers. Great episode!! What a cliffhanger!!! I loved watching Sookie slap Bill and enjoy torturing Rusell. And I totally did not see Bill turning in Eric like that. Now we all just have to wait until next June=( Kudos to Alan Ball and all of the actors for another great season!

Aint born typical

Holy sugar, I think I'm speechless! This what season finales should be like. Given, I expected more of Pam and more of Alcide action, but their lack of action was plenty compensated with other developments in this episode. I'm not sure which shocked me more: the revelation of truth about Bill, how Bill turned tables on Eric, or the fact that Sookie found pure pleasure out of torturing Russel (I even felt bad for Russel). Happy that Russel didn't meet the true death though; he is too good of a character to kill. And Godric was back!! How awesome was that! For Eric to not exactly defy Godric, but not unquestionably follow him, just shows the hatred he had for Russel. To cary that for a thousand years...Eric must be one strong man. Some lines were funny: Russel to Eric "Shut up and fucking die", and Sookie's "whatch your fucking language". Not sure why I thought they were funny, but they sounded funny. Felt really sorry for Tommy as well..and Jason seems to be growing. Nice for him.


thats was so fucked ... like omg but i totaly new there was something up with bill. but that episode was so friken shocking


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Pam: You picking up what I'm putting down?
Lafayette: Yes.
Pam: Good, I'll be back tomorrow for the money.

Will you be my vampire bride?

Franklin [to Tara]

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