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True blood
Cemetery Sookie
Sookie spends time at the cemetery on the third season finale of True Blood. The episode is titled "Evil is Going On."

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U wouldn't happen to know the name of the song that is playing in the background while Sookie is talking and crying at her grandmothers grave would you??? I know I've heard before but can't remember where.

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True Blood Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Don't you think being a shape-shifter is something you should tell someone before you sleep with them.


Just shut the f*%k up and die please.


True Blood Season 3 Episode 12 Music

  Song Artist
Somebodys knockin Somebody's Knockin Rapture 7 iTunes
Evil is going on Evil (is Going On) Jace Everett iTunes
Blood like lemonade Blood Like Lemonade Morcheeba iTunes
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