When Amelia Met Derek: Caterina Scorsone Reveals Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice Crossover Details

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Grey's Anatomy. Private Practice. The worlds cross over again October 7.

At the center of this latest Shonda Rhimes-created event? Caterina Scorsone, who plays Amelia Shepherd, sister of Derek. She says we can blame Addison for this one.

No, really.

Shepherd Squabble

"Basically Addison kicks her in the keester," the actress tells E! Online of the siblings' awkward reunion. "Amelia has been kicking and screaming and doing everything she can do to avoid the inevitable, but Addison somehow convinces her that she's gotta go to Seattle."

"[Derek and Amelia] have been at an impasse for years after their father's tragedy," Caterina Scorsone says. "She has some pretty bad behavior and Derek's got his quirks. I'm not going to give Amelia all the blame, but there's some cathartic movement in that relationship."

In addition to bringing Grey's Anatomy and
Private Practice characters together again, this should offer some new insight into the mind of the former's leading man.

"You find out a lot about Derek," Scorsone promises. "That's one of the things that'll be interesting for a lot of people who have been watching the show for years, myself included. You really get to find out about that tragedy that's colored both of our lives ever since."

"We were young when we witnessed our father's murder, and so fans really get to learn about that. Amelia is pretty focused on Derek and trying to mend that relationship," the actress continues. "And I'm really happy with how it all went."

We can't wait. Both shows premiere Thursday at 9 and 10 p.m., respectively.

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Next weeks episode will not be the first cross over between Grey's and Private Practice. I just hope that Derek took Mer seriously when she asked him to stop driving like a maniac, I was worried after he convinced the chief to go for a drive they'd get in some awful accident.


Also, on PP it was revealed that Amelia knew about Addison and Mark's affair and kept it a secret from Derek. Don't know if he knew that or not, but he certainly might find that hard to forgive if he did, considering how angry he was at everyone involved. Sounds like Amelia was on "Team Addie" in that whole situation.


@cconklin, On PP, Amelia revealed that she used to have a drug problem as a consequence of their father's death, including an overdose, and has had a bit of a restrained relationship with Derek. It seems that he parent her a bit and she didn't like it (my guess is that Derek was the one to find out about the drugs and the overdose). The official response (from TV Guide) is that they became strained after her drug abuse.


is anyone else super confused as to whhhhy amelia and derek are on bad terms? i guess i really don't understand why they would be on such bad terms. guess we'll find out. i just, how old were they when they're dad was shot? i thought they were younger, like he was 10-12. so you're telling me they have been holding a grudge for the last 20 some odd years????


@joy, Try spoilerTV, they have the HQ cast pics. :)


Little off the topic, but I do wonder where did you get the picture on the main page, with everyone on it? Can you sent me a full size link? THX


This is the first crossover i'm actually looking foward too! Usually they are mediocre or less than average, but im excited to know more about derek, after all, we don't actually know much about his past but we know looads about Meredith's. Should be good :D


Jesus, Caterina and Patrick are so alike! It's weird how they're not legally connected in real life! :P
Btw, who's the guy standing beside Cristina? Her boyfriend?
Can't wait for the season premiere!! :D :D


For first thing ,i say that Amelia don't like me but i like to see the meet between brother and sister ,and Amelia with Mer ,this i seem interesting.


Nope Addison is not coming, only Amelia! :)

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