Who Will Be Killed Off Desperate Housewives?

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Desperate Housewives has not even premiered its new season yet - and already creator Marc Cherry is warning fans not to get too attached to any characters.

Speaking to TV Guide Magazine, Cherry admits he's run out of stunts and, therefore, "I'm not doing another big gimmicky natural disaster this year."

Desperate Surprises

Susan reacts with shock in this season seven premiere pic. Check out more photos from the September 26 episode HERE.

So, what should viewers prepare for?

"My big cliffhanger right before we take our Christmas break will have to do with Paul Young. He has a plan for destroying the neighborhood. There will a shocking cliffhanger that effects everyone's lives, and then right before February sweeps, we're going to kill off one of our characters."

It doesn't get much more intriguing than that. Who will the victim be? Let the guessing games begin!

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its susan!!! D: i just watched it i was crying cuz mj was right there when it happened... :(


this didn't happen. at least didn't happen right before feb sweeps.


Black Renee wil be killed for sure or may be Mrs.Mc Cluskey (or her boy-friend)
No other can be killed.


Just for the record stella George isnt in jail. hes dead. Remember Bree let him die after he swallowed all those pills in an attempt to get her back.




He's going to kill off either Renee, Paul, or Beth... They're the only 3 new characters... Renee has been a pain in the ass thus far, nobody is really interested in Paul (and Felicia has already said she'll find a way to pay him back), and Beth is sort of useless this early in the season. Keith is a love interest for Bree, and she's already had one husband die (Rex), a boyfriend go to jail (George), another husband paralyzed (Orson) and divorce her, and a boyfriend killed (Karl)... If they killed off Keith now, it would just be ridiculous.. So, like I said... Renee, Paul, or Beth?

Serena and nate 9494

if he kills one of the main characters... he'll def lose a lot of people and ratings................ so i think it will be someone not so important like Karl..


I don't think he'll kill of one of the main characters.Mabye it's one of there husbands? Or kids? Like Tom. Or Andrew? Susan and Lynette are my favorites, so he can't kill any of them!!


A few weeks into last season Marc Cherry said he wouldn't kill off any characters, and then he changed his mind and we had several deaths in an early December episode. Let's see if he changes his mind again this year.


bree to go :)

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I love you once. I love you twice. I love you more than beans and rice.


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