Why Did The Vampire Diaries Turn Caroline?

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It's official and gory: Caroline is a vampire.

The character officially transitioned from human to blood sucker on the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries, as she feasted on a couple Mystic Falls residents and adjusted to her new universe.

But why did the series go down this path? Producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec talked about the decision in an interview with The New York Post.

New Vampire

"One of the things Julie and I both struggled with last year were the supporting characters," Williamson said. "Everyone seemed to zero in on the love triangle and anyone involved with the supernatural world had a lot of story. We struggled to incorporate any human in the dark into the story. We want humans in the show, but we needed an element that would involve the other supporting characters."

So, will Caroline survive the season? Said Plec:

"Caroline could die in any episode – she is doomed. She is absolutely, fundamentally doomed by definition of her own personality and her lot in life. Her mom’s in the council and is the sheriff. She's also a neurotic, jealous busybody who is always putting her foot in her mouth and Damon isn’t going to put up with her – so she’s doomed. The question is, how much fun can we have getting her out of those doomed situations and for how long. Because we really, really believe that this character has a long shelf life."

We're glad to hear it. Among other topics and spoilers the duo dished on:

  • The fourth episode will be a flashback.
  • Plec describes the season two theme as "revenge."
  • "There’s nothing but a lot of pain and doom ahead for Damon," said Williamson.
  • Mason Lockwood has many secrets, and the werewolf storyline will play out nice and slowly.

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Caroline as a vampire is sexy. So much better than the original Caroline. When she pushed Damon... I laughed so hard and was like yes! I really hope they don't kill her off. I hope she is around to stay. And the werewolf thing is in the books too. Although it plays out completely different of course. And I agree with Damon needing some loving. Elena needs to get over Stefan. She is so boring with him. The whole road trip thing with Damon was so much fun. And them dancing together when Stefan was off going crazy. There is a definite connection there. Much stronger than Elena's and Stefan's. Much more passionate. She needs to get over Stefan because Damon is so much better for her. She can keep him in check and he can give her a more relaxed fun vibe. But I know it won't happen anytime soon. :P


caroline as a vampire ..that rocks! but I also think damon should not get his ass kicked all the time..it get's annoying!
btw..is the whole "werewolve" thing in the books ..or does the show came up with that? it's seems a little twilithish don't you think?


actually to be honest i dont am writing to talk about Damon i dont think its far for everyone to have love and not him, dont u ever stop to thing maybe thats why hes so mean and like making peoples lives hell, i thing for this season some new girl should come in the show as a love interest for Damon if Danom find a girl maybe everything well really change for the better this girl can open up alot of happiness for him and she can show more love then anyone has ever shown trust me you well see a big improvement on the show and damon ,thanks and please take this in to consideration


i quite like the idea of Caroline being a vampire.With her mom in the council and sheriff, her changing can offer more drama other than love triangles in this series..i just hope they won't kill her off at least for this season...at the end of the 2nd episode we saw tht she really started to learn n control herself:)


I'm enjoying this season so far but seriously, if they kill off Caroline just for the pure shock of death...I can honestly say I won't be watching it anymore. The writers continually killing off characters seems to me to be lazy writing, simply put. Sure, death of a character is a great cliffhanger but it's time to stop reverting back that old cliche. It is as if once a character has starting developing for the viewers and attains importance in the show, they die. Is that because nobody can think of anything more intriguing for the character, or they truly believe audiences are loving it? Come on TVD writers, time to stop doing the same old thing every 5 episodes.


yeah. i'm also getting sick of damon getting beaten up by the girls especially by the witch. let stefan get beat up for a change. lol. but seriously, damon did a lot for the town and everyone else, he deserves to be loved and not get blamed for every little thing. it wasn't as if he intended for caroline to be changed. i want delena action!!!!


hell yes! season 2 is rocking! except for delena not happening yet! lol as for caroline being a vampire i hope she and matt survive for a few more episodes at least. the werewolf story is exciting and i just can't wait to find out what happens next!


Yeah I'm sick of Damon suffering :( he needs to be happy for just once ... And i love Caroline being a Vamp , and Tyler with his curse , its just going to rock when it all comes out :)


enough of the nasty tempered witch - how is it she thinks everything that happens is someone else's fault (she was the one who insisted they give Caroline the vampire blood to save her). I am tired of her doing bad things to Damon. She should not be stronger than a vampire of that age - she is just learning her stuff.


As much as Damon is truly a bad boy, killing innocent humans and not caring, I think he really does have potential and it would be good to finally discover that potential. Then have him finally bond with Stefan like true brothers and battle other various bad vampires that hit town. Now that would be cool! As for Caroline, well that was definately a shock! Good job on the writers part, no one saw that one coming. Jeremy turning, yes. Caroline, no. She's the most unlikely character to become a vampire and here we are, quite humorous actually. Just please make sure Stefan does a good job helping her through this and please keep her one for quite awhile, this will be good adding her to the list of vampires in town. Well those are my thoughts, hope they are usefull. :)

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