90210 Review: Secrets and Scars Exposed!

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Secrets were exposed on this week's episode of 90210. And while a couple pieces of information were leaked in a lazy manner, "How Much is That Liam in the Window" did a solid job opening up doors of potential intrigue between characters.

Let's start with my favorite storyline on the show: Adrianna and her career. Everything about this plot feels fresh and relevant, as one can easily imagine the dilemmas faced by burgeoning young artists these days.

Charlie and Annie Photo

Adrianna references Lady Gaga and Katy Perry as singers that have posed provocatively, but Miley Cyrus is probably a better example. Many critics have taken issue with the racy lengths she has gone to since releasing her latest album, but it's true that most musicians need to stand out in some way in order to make it - and this standing often involved very little clothing.

It makes sense that Navid would object to that, and it also make sense that Adrianna would be willing to make a few moral sacrifices in order to see her dream come true. It's always a good sign when you can understand where both sides of a relationships are coming from.

This is a stark contrast to Annie and Charlie, of course. Seriously, did Shenae Grimes lose a bet or something? How is she constantly involved in the lamest storylines on the show?

I find it hard to believe a supposed theater buff such as Annie would have such a reaction to seeing Charlie's play, or would think that a writer who pens such material is automatically a psychopath. Quentin Tarantino must have been very offended watching that scene.

Then, Annie realizes that Charlie is actually a nice guy because he handles a situation well with a stranger on whom he spilled a drink?!? It's simply very dumb and very boring stuff - although I am intrigued by the scar discoveries on both his and Liam's back.

Oscar, Ivy and Laurel

As for Oscar's grand plan to destroy Laurel's family? Eh. Did it really feel so grand? This guy's mother turned to drugs and alcohol, and eventually died, as a result of Laurel's actions... and his long-simmering scheme was simply to sleep with mother and daughter?

It was difficult to get on board with this storyline from the beginning because I never bought the idea of Ivy as a virgin. From the moment she showed up on 90210, she was all over Liam and the two of them casually hooked up in his basement for weeks.

Finally, we get to Naomi and the exposing of her rape to Jen and Ryan. I found it lazy that both this secret and Adrianna's secret were leaked in the same manner: via eavesdropping through some kind of technology. But that's not a major complaint.

It was nice to see Jen react with such concern over her sister, as the one positive to this incident could at least be these siblings getting close again. It's also welcome to see Ryan having to revisit his formerly drunken ways in order to do what's right and come forward.

I must acknowledge the awful writing, however: "I don't want anyone else to knows that Mr. Cannon raped me," Naomi told Silver. No one talks this way in real life to someone who already know what the topic of the conversation is.

Overall, a decent episode that furthered every storyline with the exception of Teddy. Where was he all hour? Hooking up with guys? We encourage fans to head over to our 90210 forum and sound off now, especially focusing on the most important question of all: Jack or Jacques?


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Except for a few weakspots, it's by far one of the series' best episodes. I'm also seeing some glitters of old fame-hungry Season 1 Ade minus the sniff-and-lick druggie that she used to be (although that was revisited last season) with the storyline's latest development. Her desire overpowered her guilt. Although grossed out with a guy who's prolly in his early 20's sleeping with women older than him and girls younger, more so being mother and daughter...The actors were able to delivery their scenes well. The look of Ivy's face as a daughter ashamed and disgusted by the actions of her mother (she gets grossed with whatever her mom's doing but this is by far the tip of the whole iceberg for her). Laurel who always think she can always get away with she's doing, now experiencing the repercussions of her actions. So i guess that background of Oscar's backstory justified his actions because seriously, infidelity can tear marriages and families apart. The revenge storyline is something more than just sleeping a mother and her daughter, but seeing the extent of Oscar's manipulations...And that will bring in Dixon into the canvas. So far, Shenae Grimes has probably ahve the weakest storyline this season or at least her involvement with Court brothers' storyline is in of that certain oomph to make her character relevant instead of just being a love interest between the son of a pop singer and a TV actor-slash-voice actor (referring to Liam and Charlie's real-life alter-egos). Most tearjerking moment has got to be with the latest of Naomi's rape story. Despite Jen wishing the worst for her sister, something as serious and despicable as rape is definitely not something she would wish for her own kin. It'd be much more heartbreaking if their parents were written back into the show so as to make the family support more realistic. But so far, so good, I'm satisfied with how things turn out for this episode. :D


jack, all the way! i think it was nice seeing jen worried about naomi but also kind of weird. I mean, after all she did to her? She was such a b**** and never cared about Naomi's feelings. And now she's like "my sister is so important for me" ? But still.. Rape is a really bad thing, so maybe it's comprehensible reation.
Oh, and I kinda like Jen and Ryan together! And you're so right about Annie. She has like the lamest storylines ever.

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