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Annie has a lot to learn about new pal Charlie. This guy has a dark and disturbing side.

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I absolutley luv luv luv charlie he is sooo sexy and his voice OMG! lol.... i hope u guys don't take him off anytime soon, luv him on here and i'm a lil affraid that u guys did this lil tease of him doing plays and having a drak side and now they both have scars on there blk, past ok, but don't make him into this evil character, please!!! i luv hearing his voice and looking at him, i luv him with annie!!!! he looks like he could be chris browns brother for real!!

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90210 Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Naomi: If you show up with a raincoat and nothing underneath...
Annie: I'm not wearing a raincoat.
Naomi: Fine. Be a prude.

Do the pants come off at any point, or is this the whole show?

Dixon [to Liam]