Ahead on The Vampire Diaries: Romance for Bonnie, Lots of Sex for Damon and More!

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Damon Salvatore. Lots of sex.

Okay, now that we have your attention, allow us to pass along exciting spoilers and tidbits from The Vampire Diaries panel at this weekend's NYC Comic-Con...

Moment Between Brothers

Producers and members of the cast gathered on Sunday and answered questions from fans and reporters. Up first: Will Bonnie get her hook-up on? Said producer Julie Plec:

"Bonnie is going to be getting interest from somebody that she already knows, and she will meet someone new who strikes her fancy.”

Hmmm... we know who that new person will be. But interest from someone she already knows?!? Sound off with your theories now!

Might Bonnie get it on with Damon? Plec did joke that "by the time the series is over, Damon will have slept with every man, woman, and child.”

Among other upcoming developments revealed and/or teased:

  • The relationship between Elena and Stefan is "stronger than ever," Plec says. She referred to their blood-sharing moment as a “monogamy commitment."
  • Both Lexi and John Gilbert may return.
  • Elena will soon be in trouble and Bonnie will come to her rescue, reviving their friendship.
  • Kevin Williamson called Katherine "the ultimate survivor" and reiterated that we'll flash back to learn more about her origins.

That's a whole lot to digest, we know. Do it with fellow fans in our Vampire Diaries forum!

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I jus lllllllllllloooooooovvvvvveeeeeeeee damon... I think he & elena should b together... Bonnie & jeremy... Caroline & tyler...


Ooh!we nid da Bonnie n Jeremy hukup! Stefan 4 Elena..tho we nid da drama by throwin Damon into da mix!


DAMON & ELENA FOREVER!! They belong together, they're made for each other. I liked her with Stefan once, but now i think that DAMON is her SOULMATE.




Truth be told Bonnie needs a guy in her life so she can become all lovey dovey girl and finally remove the stick from her ass. but i dont think that damon should be that guy. she hates him, she hates vampires, it doesnt make sense, and just shouldnt happen. i like that idea of a new guy character for Bonnie and all the girls watching the show.


I think it wil be Jeremy and Bonnie. They would make a really cute couple!!!


It looks like it's Jeremy and Bonnie, which seems strange to me, but can't wait to see it: (spoiler) AN ANCIENT PRESENCE IN MYSTIC FALLS — Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) come to Elena’s assistance and, in the process, learn surprising new information about people, vampires and events in the distant past. Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) helps Bonnie (Katerina Graham) after she casts a difficult and exhausting spell, and Caroline (Candice Accola) does what she can to make things easier for Tyler (Michael Trevino). Finally, Stefan and Damon reach a new understanding.


Please no Bonnie and Damon! I want Damon/Elena end game!


I will forever root 4 Bamon. Blame Kat & Ian, they're just so frickin hott 2gther. If sadly it is not Bonnie/Damon, then I want Bason (Bonnie/Mason), even tho he's been tainted by the vampbi*ch Katherine. Or Bonnie/Tyler cuz Tyler's a hottie and hasn't gotten any real play. The cute girl that's alway around (totally 4got her name) seems like she's playing games. But NO Bonnie/Jeremy...he's Elena's lil bro. It'd be like a pity f*ck.


ilove stefan elena relationship sooo much
stefan elena forever

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