First Look: Taylor Momsen and Tim Gunn on Gossip Girl

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Taylor Momsen returns to Gossip Girl October 25, and guest star Tim Gunn will also appear that week. From the looks of it, Taylor could not be more thrilled to be back on set!

In the episode, Blair permits aspiring designer Jenny to temporarily return to the paradise of Manhattan to meet with Tim Gunn (as Tim Gunn) about a job opportunity.

J's supposedly leaving again until winter afterward, so it's possible their encounters on Gossip Girl go as badly as their real-life exchanges. Tim basically said Taylor sucks.

Taylor Momsen and Tim Gunn

Seriously, Taylor Momsen. At least try to contain your excitement. Yeesh.

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Chucks wife

She needs to leave the show!! I would be more than happy if they replaced her. She thinks she has arrived in Hollywood so let her fly, let's see how far she goes.


And I agree with you Dodo...she does make good music. Her voice is great, [though I definitely don't support smoking AT ALL] and she's a pretty decent actress. So many parts of Gossip Girl wouldn't have followed through if it weren't for her character. The storylines would all be completely changed-up. And just IMO- Tim isn't even a part of the cast, and never has been or will be. He has no place to be judging someone so harshly just from working with them one time. Telling about his bad experience working with her is one thing...bashing her is another.


I'm not such a big fan of Jenny as a character, but I think Taylor is nice. I went to the Warped Tour this summer just to see her band play. That entire set-up of that tour was scary, and I will admit Taylor was setting bad examples. She was smoking right before she grabbed the mic, cussing almost constantly, and did't seem like that much of a class-act. But later in the day, I met her, and she took pictures, signed, and was really sweet, very real, and just generally a nice person. So taken she's not classy, maybe that's not what she wants to be. I prefer class, but aas a person she still seems nice.


I miss the old Jenny, the writers kind of ran her character into the ground. She had so much potential in season one and most of season two.


I actually like Taylor/Jenny. I don't care about how she behaves on set, though I won't take notice of someone who on one hand bashes her and on the other hand smiles like hell when taking a photo with her. Imo she makes good music and does a decent job as an actress and that's all that matters to me right now. She's way too young to be an idol or role model to me anyway... But I hope Jenny will be back for more drama and eventually redemption :)


also, there is literally nothing missing from the show without jenny. it's actually just better


"From the looks of it, Taylor could not be more thrilled to be back on set!" AHAHHAHAHA


maybe this photo was taken before Tim got the real chance to work with Taylor.


Tim basically said Taylor sucks. LOL. even he said she sucks and he is supposed to like her (well at least pretend to like her.)


Ditto Jeca, Emily, and Liz.

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