Fringe Review: "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?"

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Do you know who your spouse really is? 

Shapeshifters have the ability to steal a person’s identity and this week a close friend of Broyles turned out to be the enemy.

On “Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep” the Fringe division scrambled to stop Newton from destroying important evidence in the form of a shifter’s dead corpse.  Newton was only after one thing: the computer chip embedded in the shifter’s back end.  

Massive Dynamic Chat

Now, we know this for certain: there are many shapeshifters living among us. Walternate has a secret underground army ready to strike at any moment's notice.  These shifters have left me wondering: How did they get here in the first place?

It took so much time last season for Newton to open up a hole for Walternate to cross and get back Peter.  How did all the shifters end up on our side?  Any guesses?

These shifters/spies are living as human and have now created emotional bonds to the people with whom they are residing.  Honestly, of all the people from the Other Side, the shifters seem more like us.  They actually seem kindhearted.  Maybe it’s because they have been dwelling among us for so many years. 

I found a lot of humor this week, especially with Walter tripping on acid in the beginning of the episode.  Some of the words that came out of his mouth had me laughing out loud.  He really is the best character on the show and it isn’t the same without him.  That is one of the reasons why I enjoy watching the episodes set Over Here.  Walternate just doesn’t cut it in the humor department.

Bolivia is doing everything in her power to stop Peter and Walter from successfully figuring out what the senator shapeshifter knew.  She is eventually able to get a hold of the chip and even help Newton self terminate.  She really is Walternate's secret weapon in this war.  

I really hope Peter soon figures out that Bolivia is an imposter.  He even mentions to her how she feels different to him, ever since they have returned from the Other Side.  Something doesn’t feel right about her, and he knows it.  Deep down he knows Bolivia is not Olivia.

What does Bolivia do to cloud Peter’s judgment?  The tramp jumps into bed with him. 

I was a bit surprised that the episode ended with these two in bed.  Now our Olivia really has a score to settle.  First with stealing her identity, and then for having sex with Peter.  I have to give credit to Bolivia; she knew perfectly well the affect sex has on a man’s brain.

Fringe is really one of the best shows on television.  I can’t wait to see what happens with Olivia and ultimately who wins the war.  Who will end up victorious, Walter or Walternate?  

Until November 4 when Fringe returns, here are a few of the best Fringe quotes from last night:

Peter: With a basement lab at Harvard Walter was able to open a wormhole into another dimension that essentially shredded all the laws of science. I can't wait to see what he's capable of doing with a multibillion dollar corporation. | permalink
Walter: Can't you see, that the brain in consciousness. The mind is God. There are no limits except for those that we impose on ourselves. | permalink
Nina: He's a bit unorthodox.
Peter: He's also tripping his brains out right now. You know that right?
Nina: Huh? | permalink
Newton: You're going to have a very difficult time without me, you know.
Bolivia: Well, there are plenty of machines here. I can befriend a vacuum cleaner. | permalink


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I wonder where are the observers? =)


i think they are able to cross the wormhole more readily than the humans from the 'other side' because of the same molecular make-up that allows them to shapeshift. plus they're machines so maybe crossing over wouldn't really affect them either way


Didn't the shapeshifters have to change bodies frequently in the first two seasons?