Gossip Girl Photo Gallery: "War at the Roses"

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Gossip Girl returns Monday - and so does Jenny - in "Easy J." If you haven't seen it, check out this episode preview courtesy of show-runners Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran.

The following week, Blair is caught off guard – and not in a positive way – by a surprise guest at her birthday party in "War at the Roses" (clever play on words as always by GG).

Having had enough of Chuck and Blair’s games, Serena and Nate plan an intervention. Will it be successful? Will Dan really thwart the treaty? And who's the mystery guest?!

Click to enlarge photos from the November 1 episode and chime in ...

War Room
Birthday Blair
Ms. Serena
Birthday BW
An Eleanor Waldorf Photo
Rufly at the Bash
Waldorf Entourage
Dancing to Robyn
Nate to the Party
BCN Photo
Bassian Machinations
Empire CEO
VIP Guests
War Over?
Miss Serena in Yellow

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@Mathilda, could not said it better myself!! First season was the best.


i tink that picture,,the momment when SN help BC to negotiation the treaty between both of them..BC have each argue that make SN so boring waiting the deal!! Maybe.. but HPBD B,i hope u get the nice and unforgattable prize at the end of birthday,xoxo gossip girl..


Finally!!! I enjoy so much the scenes of this foursome!! I also think that they are the core of the show, in my opinion Chair and Serenate should be the end game although I´m pretty sure no couple will end up together because these people LOVE to make fans expect one thing, and do exactly the oposite, you BITCHES!!!!


Happy Birthday B! Hopefully you get a nice present at the end of this party, because it looks like it's going to be a real pain! It's kind of bad to admit, but I'm looking forward to this episode more than next week's...Looks like we might get some really positive Chair action going on. I'm guessing next week's episode equals the start of the hate sex. Which will be interesting. And that's all I'm going to say about that.


I'm sorry but Barbie and Ken, Serena and Nate only seem to be about sex. so therefore there are just boring to me.


i hate the title nonjudging breakfast club, because all of them are all judgemental


Chair + Serenate = THE BEST OF THIS SHOW!!


I love the NJBC, they should be the core of the show. but it looks like the writers love Dan way too much, from the spoilers, it looks like Dan is the one who is gonna help Blair with Juliet. UGH, it should be Chuck and Blair scheming together, with Nate and Serena being pretty. But they love to make Dan a main. the show would be so much better without him


Something I thought about lately is that the characters in gossip girl don´t live the life that the show is supposed to represent. When did we last see Serena at a party where Rufus Humphrey wasn´t invited? Nate, he doesn´t smoke pot. He said no thanks when Chuck offered in the first season and we have never seen him with a cigarette since. But we still hear quotes like " I thought the only thing that could upset him was badly rolled joint" If I were a writer then they would party like normal young adults on real clubs, Blair would get her bulimia back,Nate would be a stoner,Chuck and Blair would get at least one real sex scene. Jenny Humphrey would get rid of her terrible extensions and Serena would be a likeable person again with feelings. (Derena all the way!) And also, Aren´t these people supposed to be the it-girls and boys of the Upper East Side? According to the plotline they are a group of 7 + parents with no friends. But I guess it´s to late to turn the ship around now. Too bad..


agree...yay for NJBC!!!!
I hope we get more NJBC scenes

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