Gossip Girl Photo Gallery: "War at the Roses"

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Gossip Girl returns Monday - and so does Jenny - in "Easy J." If you haven't seen it, check out this episode preview courtesy of show-runners Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran.

The following week, Blair is caught off guard – and not in a positive way – by a surprise guest at her birthday party in "War at the Roses" (clever play on words as always by GG).

Having had enough of Chuck and Blair’s games, Serena and Nate plan an intervention. Will it be successful? Will Dan really thwart the treaty? And who's the mystery guest?!

Click to enlarge photos from the November 1 episode and chime in ...

War Room
Birthday Blair
Ms. Serena
Birthday BW
An Eleanor Waldorf Photo
Rufly at the Bash
Waldorf Entourage
Dancing to Robyn
Nate to the Party
BCN Photo
Bassian Machinations
Empire CEO
VIP Guests
War Over?
Miss Serena in Yellow

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I love seeing these four together. It is great! I so wish they were plotting to take Juliet down. I think it is unfortunate that Nate is being used in such a manner. I don't care if she has feelings for him, she has been lying sense day one. I'm still rooting for Nate and Serena. They just need to get some things sorted out first...he is a much better option than Dan. Well, he could be. So far this season he has been pretty useless, but a girl can always hope.


They should plan first how to get rid of effin Juliet !
Love the picture ! Perfect couples of Gossip Girl! I just hope Nate could be more than just the looks.


I am undeniably so excited for this episode on the 1st.
I cannot wait for more and more Chair interaction- and the Non-Judging Breakfast Club is BACK! Thank God. I missed them so. Finally, the show is going back on track!


Leighton and Blake look gorgeous at the party. Leighton looks absolutely beautiful in red, while, Blake shines in yellow. NJBC! I miss them so much. Cant wait for this episode. :)

Uche bass

chuck and blair are so serious and intense, you would think they were the only two people in the room! LOVE THEM!!!!


I hate Nate, he's pointless on the show.


Wish they were plotting Juliet's demise instead of formulating a peace treaty.


THIS is what GG is all about: NJBC FTW!! When they are at the forefront this show works.


iluvCHAIR Says:
October 19th, 2010 2:06 PM "can u believe B is 20?" And that C is (I assume) still 19 and owns the empire state building while wearing nothing but business suits and drinking nothing but brandy, and already has a receding hairline? Really? God he's old.


I am SO excited for this! Not only to we get some bound-to-be EPIC Chair scenes, we get Non-Judging Breakfast Club interaction too - YAY!

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