Gossip Girl Review: Giving It Up For Jenny

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Whether you love her or hate her (and many Gossip Girl fans would likely pick the latter), Jenny Humphrey's return to the Upper East Side certainly lived up to the hype.

The aptly-titled "Easy J" saw everybody's favorite, banished raccoon make her way to New York for an interview with Tim Gunn, in hopes of being admitted to Parsons.

It was all part of Chuck's master plan, of course, as the raspy-voiced puppet master played Jenny and Blair like dueling pianos. That is, until J went rogue on everyone.

J is Back

Once Jenny realized Chuck was involved, everything changed.

Knowing Blair would absolutely lose it, Chuck made sure J was spotted all over the island she was forever barred from, and a desperate, borderline-psycho B responded in kind.

Her five-letter, scarlet letter sabotage of Jenny's interview was harsh, even by Blair and minion standards, but J refused to go down without a fight. Also just as Chuck planned.

This being Gossip Girl, things finally boiled over at a high-society event with all the characters present - always convenient - when a fed up J blasted her own damning secret.

This was what Chuck had hoped for: A revealing the tryst that Blair felt would ruin her, without his direct involvement. But Jenny's kiss-off line to both made him regret it.

Give Jenny credit for the ballsy move of sending that blast, then for peacing out of NYC after putting Chuck and Blair in their place a bit. Mutually assured destruction, indeed.

Chuck's right. They're hanging onto the pain. It's time to sign a peace treaty and get on with the hate sex, are we right? That looks to be the direction Chair is headed next.

Their final scene was so terrific mostly for what was not said. After all the schemes and supposed hatred, there are clearly still feelings there, however unspoken (for now).

Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester are both excellent, especially with the rapport they have together. On a related note, is it just us or is J morphing into Taylor Momsen a bit?

Maybe she's just jaded and cynical now, but Jenny was always a sweet girl deep down. Was. Looks like that's long gone. Instead we saw a confident, almost brash J last night.

We're exposed to a lot amount of Taylor (perhaps too much) these days, so it's admittedly hard to view Jenny objectively. But they're starting to look like one and the same.

She's gone for now, again, after her righteous exit. What do you think brings her back for good this winter? We can't believe we're saying this, but we can't wait to find out.

S and C

Colin does a good job keeping his intentions secret. And not staring down.

Elsewhere, the show peeled back another layer to the mystery that is Juliet, and while it might seem frustrating how slowly this is unraveling, you have to love this latest twist.

Colin is somehow in on her plot to ruin Serena? That caught us off guard almost as much as seeing her imprisoned brother the first time. What the heck are these people up to?

We did not see the Colin-Juliet connection coming, as the writers did a nice job of setting up a Serena-oriented plot line/love interest that would have made sense independently.

Whatever they're up to, it had better be good. From how complicated this is becoming, you have to assume we're building toward major drama, with far-reaching consequences.

Your theories are as good as ours at this point. What is Colin writing Juliet checks for? Has he been involved since the beginning? Are his feelings for Serena at all genuine?

What's becoming clearer is that Juliet's grand plan to destroy Serena may be compromised by how much she likes Nate. The facade has shown a few signs of cracking already.

We'd still watch our back if we were S, however (not that her oblivious self has a clue what's going on). If Colin can avoid staring at that cleavage in public, the guy's got game.

We're starting to feel really bad for Nate in all of this. He really likes Juliet, can't see that he's being lied to constantly and now his dad catches a beating in the slammer too?

That last detail led to a sweet father-son scene. Nate's family is almost forgotten about these days, and it was nice to see them together, albeit in far from ideal circumstances.

Not Gossip Girl's finest episode, but a pretty strong one just the same, keeping us entertained throughout the hour and advancing both ongoing story lines significantly.

"Love the Way You Lie" was an appropriate musical choice for the closing montage, both as it relates to Chair and Serena and Nate being used by lovers (or would-be lovers).

Will they learn the truth - and where will the Upper East Siders go from here?

Tell us, what did you think of last night's Gossip Girl, and what will happen next? Comment below with your thoughts on "Easy J" and all things GG!


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bair n chuck.... grow up please.... i was very diasapointed in blairs medling in Chucks relationship... she should have just let it self destruct... it would have, eventually.. and the fact that chuck waged war on clair... um hello basstard, do you remember what you did last year.. is their really any way or reason why you should hurt balir more... both of their behaviors are ridiculous.. im hoping for change in the future...


I actually am so sick of the recycled SLs it is not even fun to watch anymore!! And I seriously don't know why I do!! Chair as much as I hate to say it grow the **** up you guys are in college now (high school is over) stop playing games (it was fun in S1 and S2) but really stop!! Serena's SL this episode sucked so much that I don't know what to say (stop falling for guys and FIND YOURSELF as an individual first) Ugh!! Jenny was AWESOME so were Dan and Eric (for two seconds he was there) that boy needs more air time!!
Dan's SL this episode was irrelevent (seriously in the beginning of the season I actually started liking Dan) Bring back Milo and G that is all I have to say (something about that SL is not finished yet he signed the damn birthcertificate for heavens sakes its not over yet)!!


I think Ben was Pete's dealer and is in jail b/c Serena let him die or something. Can't figure out the Colin connection. As always I LOVE Chair and can't wait for the 'hate sex' to start next week. those 2 have more chemistry in their hands than the rest of the cast combined. The last scene with them was great and it was a great choice of song. Also, I'm glad Nate is finally involved in an interesting story. Unlike Dan who is pretty irrelevant at this point. Same with Vanessa - there is no reason to bring her back, she offers nothing to the show, never has.


Great episode, loved the closing scene along with the song. Chuck and Blair ALWAYS! I'm ready for this Juliet thing to unravel. Hopefully before we go into another year! I really don't see how people think Blair's character is pathetic, she seems pretty strong to me. She has endured a lot and she still has remain powerful in public. Thats a hard thing to do.


i so agree, its a shame that she gets away with that and then cries when bad things happen to her, as much as i love blair, someone needs to curse her out for being such a mean person. not that i like little j, but i am reallly proud of her for trying to stay out of the drama. I have to disgree with you m.l house and say that i think lil j from season one is still there, she is just hiding behind the racoon makeup. OH and all of you off of taylor momsen, so what she is a bit.. showy, im sure half of you are already "experienced" like her, so dont point fingers. serena... irrelevent.
dan... more funny than usual,
chuck.. i wasnt feeling the evil, something needs to happen with him or ill get bored. bring back eva or soemthing.
balir....... wow, amazed me with her lines even though what she did was wrong, seriuosly needs to get slapped.


This episode made Blair look pathetic. She is whiny and weak. And the highschool drones following her around is just sad. Serena is still focused on guys and has nothing else to offer to the plot. Nate and Juliet where interesting, love Chuck. Loved J's return and her interaction with Eric and Dan. Yay for Tim Gunn's appearance!


Is the first time writers sorprise me , didn't see Colin and Juliet connection at all,And i' m lost to with Colin and what's behind this, but so what's Ben real name?That's what Nate wanted to talk , right, that he ask for juliet's brother and they said, no one with that name? All looked great even Dan with that blue shirt, except for Jenny if couse, she was in her Halloween costume already . I saw taylor's acting too odd,something wasn't working with her, she didn't wanna be there and was very clear in every scene. Love Lily is this one , made me laught in the scene with Serena


Blair is a bully! It's no wonder bullying is becoming a epidemic in this country - we're glamorizing it on tv. Blair has no power to kick Jenny out of Manhattan and Jenny should have told Blair where to stick it. Secondly, why did Blair's bedroom door switch walls with her bulletin board? It was bad enough her single bathroom became a double and miraculously there's another bedroom next door, but now we have to have the bedroom doors face each other too?


the other plothole is juliet in columbia and being the keymaster of the club they're in..
apparently serena applied to columbia pretty last minute (that part is already fails the reality index) and made the decision to go to columbia VERY late. how did juliet have sufficient time to know which university to go to, and also be at columbia long enough to become the keymaster? another one of her volunteering activities?


Jenny might have had a Taylor moment, but, in the end, she somewhat redeemed herself--she realized what the UES had done to her--she wasn't Little J from around the way when she was there. She was Blair-in-training, and she realized that's not who she was or who she wanted to be. Serena's outfit was ...amazing LOL I had cleavage like that--once :P Blair looked beautiful at that dinner--her makeup, her dress, perfect! The end scene--ye gods, the tension was swarming across my screen. Cannot WAIT til next week when they finally throw down--in bed :)

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