Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chair Hate Sex On Tap!

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Chair in love. Chair at war. Get ready for ... a little bit of both?

Chuck set out to destroy Blair in last night's episode, "Goodbye, Columbia." But will the Gossip Girl couple put aside their differences and leap back into the sheets before long?

Yes and no, E! Online says. According to new intel, "Chuck and Blair are all about hate sex for the next little while." Yes, you read that right. "Lots of hate sex." Um, well then!

Chair Peace Treaty

Chair will rediscover the passion soon ... for better AND worse.

As for the other target of all-out sabotage at Columbia, we'll soon learn how Serena's past is connected to Juliet's "brother." But how far back to we need to go for that connection?

Apparently a ways. He got thoroughly screwed over by Serena somehow long before the show even took place, and Juliet is helping her brother seek long-awaited revenge.

Elsewhere, Serena will be hooking up with Colin (guest star Sam Page soon), and will begin falling head over heels for her new guy, starting next episode (sadly, October 25).

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YAYYY FOR CHAIR HATE SEX !!!!!!! those two are soulmates, that will never change


The guy Serena killed was mentioned when her and Blair had their pretend fight. Maybe it was forshawdowing and maybe this jail guy has something to do with it.


Chuck and Blair originally got together b/c of a form of "hate sex". Remember in season one how she disliked him but kept sleeping with him? And then they fell madly in love...so I think the same will happen this time around. Their physical attraction will lead them back to their emotional attraction. (Which is obviously still there anyway - they can never stay away from eachother or leave the other one alone. LOVE THEM!


i want blair's skirt thats so cute..i wanna buy that..the chemistry both of them so match...luph CHAIR!!!!


aah, i can't see blair's shoes because of chuck's foot ! :D




@jennmo13 GG
totally agree. sometimes i wonder if chair is really true love, or is it driven by lust, status and the idea of a bad girl being able to transform a playboy. sex and love are not the same thing. if this is a way to get the two together, i don't think that's very mature. sure it is very sexy, but it doesn't work for me.


im dying 2 knw more bout chuck and blair..
dey hot..cmplete each other in every way..
no 1 else suits them man..


Chair hate sex, oh great. This is either going to be awesome or completely stupid.


Hate sex ... sounds silly but at the same time so hot!

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