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Last night's Gossip Girl, "Easy J," brought back Jenny Humphrey and marked a turning point in Chair's war of attrition, as TVF's official review discussed in detail earlier.

Now it's time for one of our favorite Gossip Girl features, New York Magazine's trademark reality index. Excerpts from the site's take on the night's high and low points:

Tim n' Taylor
  • Serena takes the fact that Colin collects Lichtenstein and Warhol as a sign that he has a multi-layered personality and interests beyond making money, when in fact those are the exact artists New York City finance guys with precisely no personality or interests beyond making money are most likely to collect. Plus 3.
  • The scary music leading up to the first shot of Jenny seemed over the top until her goth child prostitute drag queen image appeared in the frame, and we literally gasped. She looks like the little girl from The Ring! The only thing more frightening would have been if she'd flashed her underage boobs again. Plus 2.
  • When Nate has a Sensitive Man Attack about how Juliet wouldn't stay for breakfast, he calls Dan. Plus 2. Also, Nate says he was planning on taking Juliet to Tom's for breakfast when just a few weeks ago, she rated Norma's. Plus 4.
  • Tim Gunn's reaction when Jenny's models appear is absurd, and not just because of his acting. A prospective student sending out models wearing dresses spelling WHORE probably wouldn't be that unusual at Parsons, let alone offensive. Minus 5.
  • The whole Blair and Minions vs. Jenny Humphrey thing is so ridiculous we can't even get into it. Why does Jenny even go along with Blair's "banishment" from Manhattan and general quarantine of her to begin with? Minus 20.
  • Wait, creepy prison guy is Juliet's brother? Weren't they telling each other how cute they were? Minus only 1, because this show does love incest best.
  • If Juliet's bro has to use a pay phone to call, where is he texting from? Minus 7.
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I don't get why the last point got a minus 7. Pay phone here in Australia and many other places as I know can text! Can somebody go check if u can text by U.S. pay phone?


then again, hope the writers realize this and make changes for the better to make gossip girl a truly great show :DD


haha. great discussion. people don't usually take kindly to my views toward the show (many chair and blair fans out there who would make any excuses for them >.


Gosh thankyou everyone for the feedback! I can't believe so many of you out there agree with what I had initially put down in a moments hesitation!
@buggy but not all aimed directly at you :) You added very valid points in response to my own :)Yes i agree with you completely on your various points made relating to character development. Blair and Chuck were ALWAYS going to have an exploring potential "upper-hand" (per se) over characters such as Nate and Serena, due to their beginnings as both troubled, insecure and tactical people.
The audience was really persuaded to empatheise with "insecure" Blair, who played second fiddle to Serena her whole life, except to the one person (she thought) -Nate, then it is this betrayl when the viewer learns that S took Nate from B (note N is not dissimilar to a possesion) that is the whole origins of the Show to begin with! Is it any wonder therefore that most viewers still have difficulty realating to our blonde bombshell? And the character Serena has been paying for her one and only f**k up (excuse the language! :) ) to this day, up until season 4! I shall pose a question for the general public, why do you think Blair gets away pushing her into fountains, abandoning her for Columbian classmates, insulting her boif Dan on his every appearance? If we reversed these infinite scenarios, would the viewer accept Serena pushing Blair into fountains etc. No, we wouldn't, the majority of us would be outarged, but it's not just because some of us despise the blonde (everyone knows that "one" ) No, there is a deeper mentality, and it stems from the origins of the show, when that slightly oblivious and whimsical blonde betrayed her friend and maybe Blair forgave her but have we? Unfair treatment in regards to Blair acting out on Serena is the only way (so the writer's believe) we are capable of relating to the character of Serena, by suppressing her character repeatedly...we've all been tread on once in a while, and we get up and shake ourselves off... I'm guessing this is the mentality behind the character of Serena today, but I don't believe it was intentional on the writer's part, they tried numerously back in season 2 to let Serena show off her pzzas, get her "bitch on" like B, but it was a flop, she came across as full of herself, undefeatable and very little of us liked that. This is all because, most of us from Episode one, Season 1 could never relate or even "like" Serena.
Serena is stuck in the mud on G.G and the writer's are finding it increasingly difficult to inspire any progression, any "punch" into this characters plot. Because she was boxed in so early in the show it's very difficult for her character to move on... and up.
I'm quite a fan of Blake Lively, for anyone who's misinterpreted my commentry, but I think I'm correct in my belief that Serena is suffering from a series of unmemorable and uneverntful storylines and of course Blake herself can't be held responsible for that... anyway I salute you! :)


totally agree. i started watching gossip girl because i wanted to see the characters grow. but the storyline up till now has been based on a very "hollywood" formula. i'm very disappointed. the story is fueled by petty behaviour without a chance for the characters to redeem themselves. Good scripts do not need so many surface plot twists, what sells is the deep and hopefully good impression it leaves on the viewer through careful plot development and depth of characters. it's no wonder the cast may seem that they have outgrown the characters, because the current gossip girl script is not presenting them with any challenge to show what they can really do with their acting. Gossip girl characters are not given the chance to develop because the plot moves on so fast. take for example, chuck and eva. if eva had stayed longer on the script, we could have seen the unfolding of chuck. if the writers want to show that chuck and blair really love and belong to each other, eva should have stayed longer to show that, to show that chuck is empty without blair. instead, we just got jenny telling blair and chuck in a statement when she was about to leave that when they're apart they're just going to self-destruct and tada they see the light. conflict solved. then hate sex. ha! problem solved. they realize they still love each other after a round of lust. ed westwick and leighton meester are 20+ individuals. how much longer can they stay in characters who are still not matured in their behaviour? there are of course certain points that the script presents chances for the characters to show a certain depth such as the CB scene in paris and the CB scene at the end of the previous episode. but sadly these are the only rare moments. even still, the depth of the blair and chuck in these scenes are also because of the nature of their characters in the first place. chuck has been a tortured guy and blair an insecure person from the start. these characters are able to develop like that because they have a good foundation to start with. they are flawed characters and from then on it's just all about the journey and the growing (which has been missing from them recently). whereas characters like serena and nate did not have a good character foundation. serena's being portrayed as a shallow, self centred blonde from season 1. her stories are short and abrupt. if this is an idea of fast forwarding time on a tv series, i'd rather not. each main part of the story seems to only be a few episodes long. Blair waldorf was supposed to be a complex character, but from the script or it's the way the show is organized, she comes across as childish and immature. serena comes across as a shallow and self centred character. nate is the male version of a dumb blonde. i mean, it's the fourth season! the characters should have moved! all i see is the reverting of them into their old characters again and again. is that all the writers can do? revert the characters back to square one and build new stories on them based on the same formula again? seriously. we've seen tv series like one tree hill and the oc go down like that because of the poor story foundations and character development. i'd hate to see a perfectly good story with great potential go down like that. don't get me wrong. i'm not bashing gossip girl. i love, or used to love this tv series for its potential. i just hate seeing my favourite tv show being wasted this way.


@ ol.. amen sister!!.. the only thing I would add.. is the fast that the Humphrey household has apparently forgotten everything their youngest spawn has done, and done, and then done again over the last 3 yrs.. she tried to break up Rufus and Lily for gods sake... not too long ago.. and nobody seems to remember or care... it just bugs me so much, its ridiculous... and the fact that Chuck is waging war on Blair... like seriously dude, YOU PIMPED HER OUT.. wouldn´t you think he should be begging for forgivness, the fact that he is not, should make Blair less infatuated not more..... i keep telling myself that the next show, or the next after that, or the next after that will address these issues.. but i keep waiting.....


Oh, and I forgot: the introduction with Blair's dream????
SO COOL! that deserved plus 10, at least!


I truly liked this episode, I don´t know why people are saying so much crap about it! Tim Gunn's participation was disappointing though, I expected more, but anyways...he is not an actor! Why expect he would act well? In fact, why should he act? He was playing the role of himself, so maybe he is just weird like that naturaly...(LOL) The Blair+MinionsXJenny plot actually made sense to me, because Jenny would want to prevent Blair from doing anything that might jeopardize her interview, even playing along her Blairanoid crazyness! And I totally understand Chuck surrendering to his old ways again, that's so real life...people don´t just change everything about themselves cuz one day they realised they should...changing is hard! And I liked they brought back some of Nate's family issues. Hope they dig further on that, instead of making a whore out of him the whole time. Just didn't like the ending...Juliet+Serena's professor is so much like Poppy+Gabriel plot :( We've been there, we've done that, enough.


I actually liked Jenny in this episode, she was fairly relatable. Thankfully she's only back for one episode. I wish Chuck had been punished somewhat for pitting her against Blair. Y'know what I hate? How the writers were all, "Oh, Tim Gunn's here, he's going to be so wonderful, we love him so much," and look at his acting abilities! They're more frozen than his face!


That episode was a huge FAIL.

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