Tim n' Taylor
Tim Gunn and Taylor Momsen. Face to face. It's on.

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Chucks wife

A penny for her thoughts..was this before or after Tim called her pathetic,diva,and a brat?


ew plz. of course it would be jenny humphrey that ruins tim gunn for me, gawd!!!


Hey look, it's the besties! They cant even pretend they like each other.

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

We're holding on to the pain because it's all we have left. We don't have to. We have a choice.


Serena: No shame. For your information we just stayed up talking.
Blair: Oh. So does this chatty insomniac have a name?
Serena: Colin. The Cab Stealer.
Blair: Oh, well you showed him.