Grey's Anatomy Review: "Almost Grown"

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I may get a bunch of comments that disagree, but this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy really didn’t do it for me. I found myself losing more interest as each minute passed.

Don’t get me wrong, it was awesome watching my favorite residents become attendings in “Almost Grown.” But even the dark navy scrubs couldn’t make me love the episode.

I did find it odd that the Chief would ask each of the head surgeons what they would do to make the hospital more inspirational with the $1 million grant. Where did he get the money?

Who do you think the donor could be? Dare I say it’s Izzie?

An R-Webb Photo

Where did the Chief even get a million dollars, Bailey wondered?

The doctors all had inspirational ideas for what he/she would do with the money, but Bailey had the best point. If you look at the situation in a realistic way, getting all the broken equipment fixed and a new night nurse sounds like a logical way to go.

I even love the way Bailey put the circumstance that the Chief’s in:

"Let’s not go to Paris. Let’s go to the grocery store Chief."

Bailey wanted the Chief to realize the importance of putting food on the table. This was a great metaphor for how Bailey has been looking at life since the mass murders. She used to be a big believer and dreamer and now she just focuses on getting by.

My favorite inspirational idea probably came from Derek, who wanted to use the money to find a cure for Alzheimer’s because he believes that Meredith may have it. 

It almost broke my heart to see Meredith unable to find the keys that were in her hand. Do you think that this is where the writers will take Meredith’s storyline next?

If so, I definitely do not like where this is headed. 

Derek and Meredith have been through enough drama to last at least five lifetimes. Now Shonda wants to throw in Alzheimer’s? Why can’t we just focus on a McBaby?

A Callie Torres Pic

Callie says she's not the better lesbian. She's definitely not the better presenter.

It was weird that Callie and Arizona used their time with the Chief to get their relationship anger out in the open. Does this mean that there’s trouble in paradise already?

One great aspect from this week was Cristina’s ability to quasi-open up her shell because of her patient, Roy. At first, it didn’t seem like we’d make any headway this week.

By the end of the episode, however, it looked like there was a flicker of the old Cristina coming back! No more sourpuss on this lady's face!

I am so in love with the way Owen has been treating Cristina! He has been everything she’s needed and more. Finally, here is a man that won’t back down and run away when time gets tough. I just can’t wait to see how their marriage develops.

Jackson had a small part in playing Meredith like a fool this week. Hopefully next week his character will get a bigger role and we can see more character development!

Overall, I felt slightly disappointed, yet still entertained. What can I say? I am a huge Grey’s fan that just expects the best out of these doctors! Until next week, here are a few of my favorite Grey’s Anatomy quotes from last night:

Meredith: We all want to grow up. We're desperate to get there. Grab all the opportunities we can to live. We're so busy trying to get out of that mess, we don't think about the fact that it's going to be cold out there. Really freaking cold. Because growing up sometimes means leaving people behind. And by the time we stand on our own two feet, we're standing there alone. | permalink
Bailey: (to Richard) Let's not go to Paris. Let's go to the grocery store Chief. | permalink
Teddy: (to Cristina) Congratulations. You were a doctor today. | permalink
April: I'm not used to failing.
Cristina: Neither am I. | permalink
Derek: (to Richard) Breakthroughs don't happen because of the medicine. Real breakthroughs happen because someone is scared to death to stop trying. | permalink
Meredith: Let me finish Derek, I got this.
Derek: Yes you do. | permalink
Lexie: You totally sound like an attending.
Meredith: Right? | permalink
Cristina: Everybody will be fine except for Roy. He will be dead.
April: Wow, way to kill a happy moment. | permalink
April: Cardio is not my thing.
Cristina: What? | permalink
Karev: You want your kid to be a man? Let him make his own decisions. | permalink
Owen: (to Cristina) There you are. I knew you were in there somewhere. End this day, good or bad, we're going to go home together. | permalink
Owen: I like the dark new scrubs on you. You look good. Are you okay?
Cristina: My patient deserves a doctor.
Owen: You don't have to cut, no ones asked you to...
Cristina: I know what's being asked of me and I'm doing it. | permalink
Jackson: I just wish we had more time.
Meredith: You did your whole name! | permalink
Mark: Are you excited? I'm excited.
Richard: Leave. Right now. | permalink
Cristina: I don't have a sourpuss this is just my face.
April: It's true. That is just her face. | permalink
Teddy: Dr. Yang, I don't know?
Cristina: I'm here, I'm trying, but ...
Teddy: I'm not asking you to be in the OR. I'm asking you to say something, to participate. We're at a crossroads Yang, a crossroads where you either get in the game or I tell Richard it's time to send you home. | permalink
Teddy: Dr. Yang, do you agree?
Cristina: I don't know.
Teddy: You don't know if you agree? | permalink
Jackson: Competing with the wife. If that's not a stacked deck.
Meredith: It's a game really. All you have to do is win, which you wont. | permalink
Richard: Pray people, we want God in the building today. | permalink
Meredith: They train doctors slowly. They watch us practice on frogs and pigs and dead people and then live people. They grill us relentlessly. They raise us like children and eventually they take a cold hard boot and kick us out of the next. | permalink


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betcha Mer's pregnant and has pregnancy brain!!! Don't think they'll give her Alzheimer's unless the show is wrapping up...what a downer!!
Hated Callie and Arizona being so competitive with each other and point scoring rather than supporting each other...what a crap thing for a couple to do!
Love that Cristina is getting her mojo back and have loved Owen since he pulled the icicle out her chest!


Can I just say that there is NOTHING about this April character that I like. I can't even stand the sound of her voice. I am starting to think that the reason she is on the show is to just annoy me. That being said, the look on Derek's face when he saw Meredith pulling off the surgery without a hitch is why I have been watching this show since Meredith declared that she was "screwed" in this game of surgery on "A Hard Day's Night". Well done, Shonda! Now, please go get rid of April!!!!


Ooops should say 'me' not 'men' lol,i am female btw!


Definitely think the million the Chief promised is going to be the payment for the tv crew and the documentary. This was kind of hinted at in his discussion with Bailey when she questioned the lack of funds and he simply said things will be abit different over the next few weeks. I also think the money is coming from the tv crew as Richard gave it to Hunt because Hunt made him feel guilty about the events, especially by mentioning Bailey and Charles. Thus the Chief figured that the money from the documentary would be best spent on training the staff should a similar situation occur in the future.
One thing that does annoy men about Greys is the tendency not to repeat a snazzy new procedure which may have been the focus of the entire episode ever again and the failing to mention huge past events. I mean trauma training is not a bad idea considering the hospital could have been blown up in a past season. Also after all the fuss about getting the man on the transplant list for lungs this week, even if that weren't possibly Lexi, Christina and Teddy used a rejected pair of lungs that they repaired for the leukemia patient in season 6, surely that would have been worth a shot again or in fact for anyone who doesn't make the donor list? Granted a match won't always be possible and its probably expensive but it is someones life. Seems abit odd none of the doctors considered it. Does anybody else wonder about this stuff?


I get that the Chief wanted them to compete for the money, Callie was the freaking best trying to psych them all out but why was Arizona in the race? Didn't she just last season get a 25 million endowment from the couple that lost their son? While they all have good reasons for the money to me Bailey and Owen had the best reasons. I would have split the money between the two to be honest. As a mom myself.. Bailey hit it on the money.
Loved that Jackson got a little perspective, Alex rocked and so did Mer! I heart poor Lexie because she really did have the short end of the stick! I wish they would put Mark and Lexie back together already!
April is sweet but to be honest to me she is an unnecessary character.


I'm pretty sure the money will come from the documentary crew that is in the next episode's preview. They're probably being paid for it. No idea if anyone alreayd mentioned this, as I haven't read through the comments yet.


I love what they are doing with the Alzheimer's storyline with Meredith...very good, I always knew this would come up again near the end of the series...I love it. I can't wait to see how this storyline unfolds. I was a little scared when Mer didn't realize that her keys were in her hand...Is is affecting her already. Aww, how sad would it be if Mer had her baby and she didn't realize it or her own husband, Derek? Aww, I think this will push Derek to push and start the clinical trial to cure Alzheimer's disease. I liked the Christina stuff this episode as well! And all of the meetings with the Chief were great! Especially Bailey's and Arizona's. I think the money should have gone to Derek...did not see Hunt getting it at all, though I realize he made a good point, while all the others were for more personal reasons.


Keith, IMO, no. The biggest payoff in patient care would've been Arizona's or even Mark's to an extent (with additional revenue, according to the Chief, Peds & Plastics are his 'revenue centers', although for most hospitals Neuro & Cardio are the biggest 'revenue centers'). To me it felt that Owen was trying to erase his guilt for his lack of help during the shooting. He said that they all needed better Trauma training. Not true. They all thought out of the box and stepped up. @Jo, I have to agree with Uniquely Yours. Teddy blabbed her whole presentation about how Derek didn't work as a surgeon and teacher because he tried to fire her. Teddy was like that resentful girl who got a chance to revenge but backfired. She isn't a surgeon either. She's pathetic.


uhh I sooo disagree. I absolutly loved this episode, it was one of the best ones I've seen in a while. Season seven has been fantastic so far and after the absolute major LET DOWN of season six, it's about time.
What Derek said brought me to tears. About Merideth having alzhiemers to the cheif, it was soooo sad :'( I disagree with the reviewer though, I reallly don't think they're going to give Merideth alzheimers, I mean she's like thirty something right? Can you actually get it THAT young?
I love what's happening with Owen and Christina, that like revesel of roles. It's the best


Jo: What is interesting about your comment is that Teddy spoke of personal issues, too, yet you don't have a problem with that. Let's call a spade a spade - seems to me that you have an issue with the characters sexual orientation. That's okay - it's your right. But to say that they don't act like surgeons is ridiculous. Certainly this is not the first episode of Grey's you have watched...or is it? Thank goodness Callie and Arizona have a strong fan base. They will be here to stay as long as the show runs. Handle it. Oh...and check your statistics about the viewership...other than the season finale, the viewership was not at 15 million last year either. However, Grey's continues to beat the competition in the most important demographics for its time period - adults 18-49. How 'pathetic' of you to try to blame any Grey's ratings issue on one couple - the gay one.

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