Hellcats Review: "Ragged Old Flag"

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Hellcats has really gotten into its groove. The latest installment of the freshman series ("Ragged Old Flag") proved why the CW has ordered more scripts for our favorite cheerleaders.

There was a major focus on Lewis and his decision to leave the football program this week. Turns out that he was uncomfortable with scandals taking place and was encouraged by his father to quit the team. Lewis decided to take a job with Red to help out his family’s financials after discovering his dad was receiving money from the program again.

This could be a set up for a really interesting storyline. I'm intrigued to see him back near the sport that earned him a scholarship in the first place.

Gooooo Team!

Lewis dealing with his family issues led to the moment that I know some of us have been waiting for: the Marti and Lewis kiss! These two finally had their moment, so I guess he has forgotten all about Alice. Previews for next episode look like things are going to get hot and heavy quickly.

Meanwhile, the flag football game that took place between the cheerleaders and the volleyball team wasn’t really what I expected. The game had a good point behind it: that cheerleaders are athletes, too. But I was hoping for some hair pulling and brawls out on that rainy field.

Great moment between Savannah and Marti after Marti chose to attend the game instead of her law conference. The friendship between these two is really the core of the show.

All in all, a pretty solid hour for the Hellcats.

Some other thoughts:

  • DDo we really care about Marti’s quest to become a lawyer? She is the only character who we see doing any type of school work. Either ditch the scenes of classes or amp up a storyline for her hot professor.
  • No Dan and Savannah tonight left me a little sad. The chemistry between these two is pretty awesome in a quirky way.
  • Will working with Red make Lewis miss football? Will he want to go back?

What did you think, TV Fanatics?


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i loved the episode :) i really wanted to see dan/savannah though. don't like marti/dan :S


marti shouldn't have dished her law for flag football. where was dan? loving lewis and marti!!


Aren't they all supposed to be students? It's absurd that the one person we see in classes, Marti, blows off what would seem to be a dream event for her to participate in the flag football game. She's supposed to be the outsider, who actually CARES about academics, but she skips this trip with her super sexy professor to cheer? It's good they have Marti on the Hellcats, since apparently she can do anything (except become a lawyer, which will be hard without those contacts she should have been cultivating). I'm so disappointed in this show. I like seeing Marti interact with Julian. He's the only intelligent character on the show.


Lewis/Marti FTW


I've been dreading the coming of the Marti/Lewis hookup. It was obvious they were leading up to it and I was really hoping they were gonna shy away from it. I just don't like it. I prefer her with Dan because their witty banter is ADORABLE. Hell, I'd even like to see her steam things up with the hot teacher. But I think she and Lewis seem better suited as friends. And please, MORE DAN PATCH scenes. He's smoking hot! Love that lazy drawl of his.


AGREED on the Sam/Savannah front, love 'em

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