Private Practice Sneak Preview: "Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?"

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Last night's episode of Private Practice ended on a shocking note.

Next week, we pick up right where we left off, and that's the worst possible place. The episode, appropriately, is titled "Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?"

After Pete discovers Charlotte in the halls of the hospital bloodied and bruised, he and their fellow doctors come to her aid, but only Addison learns the truth from her.

For more on how this story line came to be and what to expect, read this interview with KaDee Strickland. Now, here's a preview (be forewarned, it's upsetting):

[video url="" title="Did You Hear About Charlotte King?"] [/video]

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Not trying to take away from a serious topic, but does any one know what song is being played in this promo?


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It was Pete's brother that attacked and raped Charlotte.


where is noami and when does she come back?


I think that she was hiding her underwear in the drawer so that no one especially Cooper wont find out. I think that Addy will talk her down and she will finally say what happened to her. I hope that this doesn't ruin Charlotte and her relationships with everyone around her! She was finally happy and open not blocked in.


Charlotte also put something in that plant, what was the pink thing on the floor?
This is traumatizing, i dont even know why its so hard to watch.
Even in the midst of her world breaking down, she was still able to be a fighter and also use her intelligence.


I think she was trying to hide any evidence that she was raped. Knowing Charlotte, she probably wants to keep her reputation and doesn't want people to look at her as weak.....with that bein said there is no telling because shonda is constantly throwing in twists and turns. I DO KNOW that this thursdday is going to be so hard to get throught ):


on, there are promotional pictures from the episode after this one and there are photos of her with the key and unlocking the desk drawer and getting out a small woodenish box.....don't know if she would stuff her undies in a box first??? but that's def what she pulled out of the drawer. i think she was collecting DNA. makes sense to me. who knows- excited to find out tho!


I don't think she's collecting DNA, I just think she's trying to hide her underwear because she doesn't want people to know she got raped. Knowing her personality, I wouldn't be surprised.


@MissKitten I think she's hiding her underwear, because she doesn't want anyone to know that she was raped, not for collecting DNA.

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