Private Practice Sneak Preview: "Playing God"

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Last week's Private Practice, "Short Cuts," saw Addison confess her new romance to Naomi. If you thought that was awkward, wait until you see the sneak preview for Thursday.

The man responsible for endangering Maya's life and ending Dell's shows up at Oceanside with a heart condition. To say Sam is unwelcoming would be an understatement.

Here's a promo and a much longer sneak preview of "Playing God" ...

[video url="" title="Playing God Promo"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Playing God Sneak Preview"] [/video]

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wow! I can't wait!


@Aries93 Her hair is still red... I loved this sneak peek! Naomi's reaction is so fun, I love to see her torturing Addie a little. Poor Addie feels bad and Naomi will not make it any easier for her. I hope Nae will see that they didn't do this to hurt her though, they only fell in love, it has nothing to do with her. I hope she'll get over it soon because while her reaction may be fun now it might become annoying very soon. Sam needs to calm down a little, I get that he's mad but there is not need to act like that, the man's sorry and feels bad about what he did. Too much drama kills drama...


@Cconklin: Maybe they put her in red so that drags us away from seeing her dye job? (Which is brown now). :P Other than that, I must say that I am for Sam on this. Dell, a friend and colleague died. His daughter and granddaughter almost died. Then, the guy has the decency to come into his work place to ask for "forgiveness". Seriously? I'd be as mad as hell!


Tense stuff. Naomi's totally understandable in that first scene though I still cringe a little seeing her like that towards Addie...but I know, I know, she's really trying, and I commend her for that. Yet it really is quite awkward LOL. Btw I love KW's red shirt. Man, I wish I were not so infatuated with that woman


what is with them putting addi in red this season?

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