Smallville Clip: Who Are You Again?!?

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This Friday makes the 200th episode of Smallville.

It begins with Lois trying to cheer Clark up and convincing him to attend the pair's five-year high school reunion. But, as the following clip proves, Lois may soon be the one who needs to be cheered up.

Watch THIS PROMO for "Homecoming" and look forward to the return of Brainiac on the installment. Look for him to take Clark through the past, present and future and show him what really happened the night Jonathan died...

[video url="" title="Reunion Scene"] [/video]

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I don't understand why NOIS is so surprised that nobody knows her and to find Lana's name tag there. She was only there for what, like half a year or a year? NOIS is super annoying! Season 10 sucks because of her, well SV sucks with NOIS!!!


Why don't the CWs vids play for me on this site? I always have to go back to CW's site to watch them :(


I read somewhere, that she only comes back in the flashbacks, just as Chloe.
I miss Chloe..


Is kristin kreuk guest starring as Lana on this episode, or is ti just lois being paranoid and weird as always about her?!