Smallville Photo Gallery: "Homecoming"

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Are you ready to celebrate along with Smallville?

The CW series airs its 200th episode this Friday, an installment titled "Homecoming" that features the return of James Marsters as Brainiac. You can watch a clip from the hour HERE and its official preview HERE.

How will developments on "Homecoming" affect Clark going forward? Says producer Kelly Souders:

"He comes out [of the episode] as the leader that we know Superman to be. His leadership skills sort of jump up to the next level and that sort of maintains all the way through the rest of the season."

If that's not intriguing enough, we've collected a slew of photos from the 200th installment below. Click on each to enlarge and return to TV Fanatic Saturday morning for a detailed review...

Homecoming Scene
As Brainiac
At His Reunion
200th Episode Still
Slow Dancing
Romantic Together
Daily Planet Chat
Lois at the Reunion
James Marsters as Brainiac
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But I can't wait for this episode haha


Ugh, I miss Chloe :[

Smallville Quotes

Clark: She saw it.
Nurse: Saw what?
Clark: Her future.

Phelan: Let's settle this like rational adults.
Jonathan: I don't think a rational adult drops a generator on a teenage boy!