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Sons of Anarchy Review: "Turning and Turning"

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The buildup is killing me at this point.

Then again, can we really call this build up anymore? After this week's Sons of Anarchy, "Turning and Turning," SAMCRO has still yet to make their way to Belfast, and the day to day work of the Sons in Charming continues to feel unimportant.

What made things worse was that Gemma, who was responsible for a good chunk of the excitement the past few weeks, was handcuffed to a hospital bed the entire episode.


Speaking of Gemma, she's okay! Not that anyone was expecting her condition to be too serious when we returned, but it is still nice to see that she will be fine. Well other than the lifetime sentence she's facing for that double homicide that Stahl framed her for.

Oh yes, we all remember the great Agent Stahl don't we? She's back to her impressive ways of being the absolute worst. How does her partner, who should really just get back to bed, deal with how terrible this woman is at all times? 

I mean, Gemma did kill someone, but because Stahl is so awful, I really felt for Gemma as she cried it out.

Thankfully the Irish in this week's episode were not Ashby and Jimmy O. I can actually understand Maureen and McGee when they speak. So his name is Mac McGee? Or does Maureen just call him Mac as a nickname for McGee? Either way it's a great name.

I think what I wasn't enjoying about the Irish scenes in the early going is that none of the characters were very redeemable. With a more in depth look at McGee this week, I realized he was a pretty great dude, so I was therefore interested in how he was going to play out the situation. After he helped Maureen understand what she needed to do, they made some progress on getting SAMCRO to Belfast. At this point, I'll believe that Jax and company are going to Belfast when they're staring the old buildings in the face.

Another part of the Irish experience I enjoyed this week was the fact that they give major props to SAMCRO. "Members of the original charter are coming out here soon," Maureen told her daughter.  At this point, I feel like part of the Redwood Originals, so when others look at them highly, I feel proud.

We have now arrived at the point in this review where I will rave about how sweet Jackson Teller is. The dude gets harder and harder as the weeks go by, as was showcased this week by his stick up of Jimmy O's number two.

But then he follows that up with what might end up being the smartest strategic move in series history. As he spelled out his plan to Stahl, hand delivering Jimmy O and all the details on the IRA gun running in return for the freedom of the club and Gemma, Jax was a complete stud. He smiled like he knew how awesome he was for making such a bold, but brilliant move. Is it bad that I sat and watched in awe of a fictional character? Yes it is. And because I'm so obsesses with this move, it will without a doubt blow up in his face next week.

And I, as well as others, were correct in thinking that Tara was indeed pregnant back in "Caregiver." She hasn't told anyone yet, but Gemma figured it out all on her own. Albeit, it took her longer than us, but that's to be expected.

Will they finally get to Belfast? Will Jax's deal with Stahl work? How will Gemma handle being cooped up in that hospital? What did you think of this episode?

Some Sons of Anarchy quotes from last night ...

Jax: It's you and me. We're all we got... June. | permalink
Maureen: I piss you off, I get smacked around. I piss off the army, I end up with my head squeezed off by a razor wire. | permalink
Gemma: Quite the secret queen lately.
Tara: Yeah, well I learned from the best. | permalink
Jax: You wanna go undercover Chucky?
Chucky: I accept that. | permalink
Gemma: There's not much more this bitch can do to me.
Clay: Don't underestimate her. She's been demoted, she's desperate.
Stahl: Hey I'm in the room kids. | permalink
Jax: When you talk to your boss, you let him know if I find out he's been lying about my son, I'm gonna track him down. I'm gonna beat the truth out of him. And then I'm gonna let Chibs cut him from ear to ear. | permalink


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Yeah I agree with Cher, even though Tara didn't get much face time this episode, I felt so bad for her when Gemma gave her that disgusted look. Tara has basically been raising Abel as her own this whole time, and I feel she would have done more if she hadn't been pregnant. Is it wrong that I am a little excited aboout it too? I just love her and Jax as a couple:) Yeah the whole Ireland and Agent Stahl thing is making me so frustrated, but I suppose that's a good thing I am literally waiting on the edge of my seat to find out when and how they are going to get out of this! And I was happy someone showed SAMCRO respect they have been getting a beat down these last few episodes, it was nice to see Jax's swagger return! I can't for the next episode, it's going to be a long week:(


This is the best show on tv


Whipped, I love that half-sister theory. I'm sure John Teller is going to play out in a big way and this would be a nice twist to the whole thing.


OK, am I the only one thinking that the Irish girl, Maureen's daughter, might be Jax halfsister!?? It was just the way Mo told her that she'd have more truth than she could handle when the original charter arrived!! Makes sense for the John Teller backstory that seems to be seeing some daylight in this 3rd season!


I hope that Tara's pregnancy wasn't the BIG twist that happens in their relationship because the audience saw this coming with her being all emotional and puking up. If it is then that's just LAME but on another note I love those 2 sweethearts together and hope this is a safe and smooth pregnancy even with her having a gun pointed at her head by a mad man, having been knocked unconscience, and basically STRESSED to the point of having Gemma (who's fault that Abel was kidnapped in the first place) and Jax thinking that she didn't do enought to protect Abel. Ughhhh!!!!