Sources: Nikita to Add Characters, Woo Female Viewers

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Through five episodes, Nikita is doing well for The CW.

But network sources tell Entertainment Weekly that changes are on the way because the Maggie Q-anchored series is losing too many females (specifically between the ages of 18-34) from its lead-in, The Vampire Diaries. The former loses 54 percent of the audience from the latter in that demographic each week.

“We’re really only talking about some slight tweaks,” an insider told EW. “The core of Nikita will not change.”

Break in Her Action

Among these alterations? The introduction of several new characters, including a  potential love interest for Nikita. This man will be CIA case officer described in a casting notice as: “Moms want to marry off their daughters to this kid."

Executives are also looking to lighten the show's tone a bit. What do you think of these plans, Nikita viewers?

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Nope, don't like the idea of "lighten it up" !!!!!!


lightening the show!! u kidding me its fine the way it is!


I'm female..19..TOM AND ALEX ALL THE WAY, oh yeah and nikita and michael! enough said.


im a female and im 23 AND I LOVE THIS SHOWWWWWWWWWWW so to change the tone would be not gooddd ... micheal and nikita thats would be good


I used to watch the origional series La Femme Nikta and was bummed when it went off air!!!! So my daughter and I love this show and watch it every week looking forward to the show making it don't want it to stop!!!! No need to lessen the tone at all!!!! I do miss the origional Nikita though wish she would have come back to do the show.


I am female and i love this show. The action scenes are cool and the tone of the show does not need to change bcuz they want to draw more females to the show.


Woo Female viewers!??? I'm a female, 21 and I'm already a fan -no need for wooing, but if your throwing something this way I'm for it. Nikita and Michael FOREVER!


What? That's going to ruin the show. I am a female aged between 18-34 and I like it as is. If you "lighten it up", change the name. The whole Nikita story IS supposed to be like it is now, not all soft or "fluffy".
Oh and as for marrying Nikita off - Nikita and Michael all the way!!


MicheAl and nikitaforever


I don't like the idea of lightening the show's tone. It would sacrifice a crucial part of the show, it's element of danger and risk.