The Vampire Diaries to Celebrate Halloween with a "Bloodbath"

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We know that a main character will die on The Vampire Diaries. And we might now know when.

Talking to TV Guide, producer Kevin Williamson previewed the show's October 28 episode, "Masquerade," and told the publication that a costume party will lead to a "bloodbath."

What else can be revealed about this Halloween-themed installment? The following spoilers:

Masquerade Balling
  • Katherine will accompany Stefan to the event. Both must pretend she's Elena.
  • "At the party, when she's alone with both Stefan and Damon for the first time since she's come back to town, Katherine rips the masks off their faces," Williamson ominously, mysteriously teases.
  • Katherine will choke Caroline and ask her about the location of the moonstone.
  • Nina Dobrev says her darker half will be on the war path: "Now that Stefan's rejected her, she has no ties to the town anymore, so she'll do anything and everything. She doesn't care who she kills. Even if it's in front of a room of people. There's almost no way to stop her."

It doesn't get more enticing than that, does it? Before this episode airs, of course, we'll be treated to "Plan B" on Thursday night. Watch a clip from it and a preview for it HERE.

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No, it's not going to be Mason because Mason is already dead. Caroline and Tyler aren't going to form some new relationship because Tyler doesn't know where the moonstone is. As far as he knows, Mason has it in Florida, according to his mom. But really, Damon and Stefan have the moonstone because remember that Elena went down in the well after Stefan and got the moonstone?? I think it's going to be Matt or Jenna that dies. Either way, it's a bad move by the directors to kill those two. Especially when they're really the only humans with a role in the show besides Alaric and they survive in the books. Soo.. yeah.. Just my theories.


And another guess: Katherine will rip the masks off the Salvatore brother's faces, which probably means that she will expose them to everyone at the party.


It is NOT: Stefan, Elena, Damon, Caroline, Tyler, Jeremy or Bonnie (Read the summary for "Rose", the episode after "Masquerade"). All my guesses have been somewhat false, but here's another hypothesis: Isobel comes back in "Masquerade" and then Katherine will kill her. One person down. And then Matt will probably die even though that is terribly stupid because the show is lacking human characters. I love Zac, so I hope it's not true. But anyway - two persons down. Just hope it's not Alaric :( !


It's a real credit to Nina's acting that you look at this picture and can immediately tell it's Katherine. She really embodies who Katherine and Elena are as characters. Also I hope they don't kill Matt, I like having that link to the 'normal' human world.


I dont know where but a saw a preview in wich Mason give the moonstone to katherine in a car in the wood at night I dont know what happen, because mason is dead in this lates episode...DID SOMEONE SAW THAT PROMO? IM SO CONFUSSE!!! AGHHH!!


Bonnie is not going to die, if she does...TVD is Done for me.


It is NOT: Stefan, Elena, Damon, Caroline, Tyler, Jeremy or Bonnie. I don't think that they would kill off Matt, even though Katherine has her eyes on him, but I think Tyler (accidentally or because he is protecting his friends) kills Mason and therefore becomes a werewolf. Then Caroline helps him because of his new condition as she is also new at being a supernatural "creature".


NO wAY you can't kill caroline she's awesome! kill mason! or matt (even though he's a sweetie). DO NOT KILL JEREMY.


katherine will choke caroline for the location of the moonstone? does this mean that caroline and tyler form a sort of relationship and he tells caroline where it is?? i thought he gave it to mason and mason would have already given it to katherine.


I knew it wasn't Elena in the pictures!

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