True Blood Season Four Spoilers: Premiere Title, New Characters Revealed

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Season four of True Blood won't air until the summer of 2011. But we already know it will focus on witches.

We also know its premiere episode will be titled "She's Not There."

Come to Sookie

As for new characters that will be introduced? Entertainment Weekly has provided us with the following casting notices, as the series is looking for actors/actresses to fill the following roles:

Marnie: A pretend palm reader who gets possessed by the spirit of a real witch.

Portia: Andy’s sister, a very pretty lawyer. Likely to get naked a lot.

Naomi: An Asian-American, lesbian cage fighter.

Queen Mab: A temper-filled beauty who presides over a fairy/fantasy world.

Suzanne McKittrick: A spoiled, Real Housewives-type who is rumored to be a Shapeshifter.

Got any casting suggestions? Remember: our True Blood forum is alive and ready for discussion now and throughout the off-season!

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People you need to get over it.... yes, it took me a little while to comprehend the differences.... but that's the way it is... example - layfaette's character would have been very missed had he been dead already. Took me to the second book to stop trying to follow the books based on the show....


agreed meg. if they followed the books, they would barely have enough content to go with.
Cant all you fans of the books realise that they are different and embrace the new stuff? im sick of book fans getting their panties in a twist because the director changes something and they dont like it.


Not that i want to be flamed here or anything, but if you happened to even listen to anything that ball has said regarding the series you WOULD know that (and he got permission from Charlene Harris to do this, btw) he was going to veer off from the books (Obvously, it would have been very boring had he not.. case in point lafayette... c'mon he woulda been dead a long time ago in the book world). Sure, some of the stuff was kind of confusing but all in all it's not bad at all. If you don't like it, you can turn off the television.. it's not that hard.


"Queen Mab: A temper-filled beauty who presides over a fairy/fantasy world."
The only casting suggestion I can think about it, is: Bridget Regan. Bring in on! Con Dar :)


I am annoyed the story line in the upcoming season should have been gravy!!! The story as it was originally writen is just fantastic and making Portia pretty is going pretty far. Would have been better to just go with the original book and add where needed to fill out the story lines for the rest of the cast.


Loved the books!! Liked the show to begin with. Now not so much. The show is getting wierd and hard to follow. Wished it was based on the books more.


seen first season of true blood. then read the rest of the books. loved them all. I also like most of the changes in the show. I am the biggest fan ever. I have read all of charlaine harris's books.


I really wish they would stick a little more to the books, some great characters and story lines. Too much fairy stuff too.


I started whatch the show because of the books, but shit nothing like the books at all. How sad, the books have a great story.


I'm liking all the new characters!

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