Want to Win an Autographed Vampire Diaries Soundtrack?

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The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack has been released, featuring "Obsession" by Sky Ferreira (see video below) and many other great tracks. How would you like to win a free copy?

A free copy signed by Ian Somerhalder, no less?

The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack

Well, here's your opportunity! All you have to do to enter TV Fanatic's exclusive Vampire Diaries Soundtrack giveaway is this: tell us why you think we should give it to you.

That's it. Leave a comment below and make your case. You must log in to be eligible. You can register or connect using your Facebook account in the comment box below.

This contest is open to U.S. residents only and ends Tuesday, November 2. We'll pick the lucky recipient then! So why do you deserve a signed soundtrack? We're waiting ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/obsession-music-video/" title="Obsession Music Video"] [/video]

The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack is available now on iTunes here. For exclusive videos, photos and extra content, check out The CW. The show airs Thursdays, 8/7c.

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I know everyone will say that they love the show, and that they have never missed an episode, and that true for me too, but there are other reasons why I feel,(and I hope you will agree) that I deserve the autographed soundtrack. First I love music. I can't go a day without listen to music. I love non- mainstream artist and their style of music. The CW shows are known for using bands that are unknown and amazing, and that is what I know I will love about the soundtrack. Sky Ferreira's song Obsession is amazing, and is already stuck in my head. Another reason is I love Ian Somerhalder, just as himself. I love that he is such a huge animal activist. I'm in my school's activist club and I told them about his Unleashed Bash and we are collecting money to give to the charity in Lousiana, but we plan of raffling off the autographed picture we will recive for donating to the charity and with the money collected, donating it to our own locate shelter. So it would be really cool to actually keep Ian Somerhalder's autograph, and with this soundtrack I would. The show and music help me get through crazy days in school, that just seem like they are the worst days ever.To win this autographed soundtrack would be one of the greatest things ever. I hope that I have told you enough to give me a chance to even be considered,and thank you so much for giving me this chance to even possibly winning the Vampire Diaries soundtrack!


I really think I should get this album because I have been a die hard fan even before the TV show came out. I have read all the book and the TV series, even though is different from the book, still is a pretty good representation of all the characters. I really love this series and I am a huge fan of Ian.
I love the show and what it represents and think it a a better representation of the vampire community.


If "vampfanatic" in the post above is telling the truth, I think the sound track should go to them and, if Mr. Somerhalder could arrange it, I'm sure both fans would go crazy if he could deliver it himself. My favorite writer, Piers Anthony, visited a fan of his who was hit by a drunk driver and it made a huge difference in her recovery, maybe he could do the same for this fans friend. P.S. I love the show and Mr. Somerhalder/Damon is my favorite. To ALL the actors and everyone who works on and off camera, keep up the good work---Best show on T.V. today!


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so like i was saying this CD would mean the world to me because ian is such an inspiration, he gets involved with the 2 things i really care about nature and animal rights and i dont really know what else to say just that if u were 2 pick me you would just make me so happy and thats all i have to say


i really want this CD i could write that i deserve it because im a huge fan of the show and i think its really good but i think probably 90% of the people who are commenting are saying the same thing and, well it's true i am a huge fan but i also think i should deserve this because i never miss an episode, i keep in touch with all the news, about the show and the actors, i have watched each episode about 20 times, and i watch it every night, you could ask me almost anything about TVD and i would probably know the answer, if i were to win this i would keep it forever because its signed by ian and i have been a fan of his for a long time even before he was a vampire, and i would keep it in perfect conditions


Wow....re-watching lastnights episode. Crazy. Just saying,i'm getting impatient for Nov 1st to get here. And that'll be in 1 more day :)


This show moves me to the core, No show has been able to move me since Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


I should win the cd because I am a fan who watches this show religously, I have literally seen EVERY episode AT LEAST a dozen times each! I am a huge fan of Ian, Nina and Paul and think they are wonderful! I am such a fan of Ian that I donated to a humane society that he mentioned on Twitter for my birthday (and dedicated my donation to him)! I absolutely LOVE this show and I collect everything Vampire Diaries related, this would be the PERFECT addition to my collection!


This really sucks! Because I don't need reasons to be chosen... but I'm from Spain.
What would I say to win the contest? well,
1) I'm a total addict to the series and I follow it from the start on the Internet.
2) It's not only that I watch it, I have convinced all my friends (and part of my class) to see it and now the can't wait for Thursday nights, no kidding!!
3)I don't even have to mention how glad I would be. And in case you don't give it to me I'm gonna drive a stake through your heart!!


sucks that its not open to people in the u.k :(


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