When Will Cristina Get it Together on Grey's Anatomy?

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Whether you're bored senseless or riveted by her ongoing struggles, every Grey’s Anatomy fan has to be wondering when Cristina Yang will get it together. She's just not herself.

That's the understatement of all time... but when will she rediscover that fire, that confidence that made her one of the surgical team's rising stars? Sooner rather than later?

Yang in Thought

Where have you gone, Cristina Yang?

“It gets pretty dark for her,” executive producer Shonda Rhimes tells EW, noting that “Cristina is a person who has identified herself purely a surgeon before anything else. For her to be at a place where she’s not sure if she can even pick up a scalpel is devastating.”

For viewers, especially. But perhaps after next week's documentary episode, when the show is supposedly starting to turn the page from the PTSD/shooting-related story lines, she'll turn a corner. At least we can hope for that, for her sake and our own.

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I want the old christina back! I understand what she has been through but it doesn't really make good tv! I didn't realise how much i actually love christina! I liked her when she would wear a nappy to get a surgery and now she is fishing! Seriously! Please bring her back!!!


First, I get it that Christina has gone through this devastating event and its going to take a moment to recover. Got it. But Grey's Anatomy writers are so freaking heavy handed with plot development to the point of agony. They did the same thing with that Denny crap that made me never ever want to see Katherine Heigel in a scene again. It was so annoying to drag that on forever and ever just to tell us she had brain bugs. Seriously? Her relationship with Alex was much more compelling than that Denny story ever was. Now here we have Christina who has taken the train to crazy town and can't seem to punch her ticket to get back. On and on and on and on. Meredith when through waaaaaaay more than Christina. Her husband was shot, she had a miscarriage, she had to stitch Owen up and she had to watch while her friend was operating her on her husband with a gun being pointed at her. If anyone deserves to have a breakdown, it's Meredith. I hate this direction Christina's character has taken because her defining moment was holding her father's heart in her hand while he was dying, that's what made her want to be a surgeon. Now the writer's are saying that this hard core surgeon is really made out of mush and she can't handle trauma. She has faced more when she was concealing Burke's injury and handling his surgeries. She's all about surgery, now having to perform surgery at gun point has killed her joy? Grey's writers must think we're stupid and lack imagination. Kill this already and bring Yang back.


Cristina is stronger than this; she is mad at herself for caring too much for Meridith. Her defended self would have stepped away from doing the sx on Derrick. So she is externally taking out her anger on Meridith, but it is incapacitating her internally. But quitting?? she is too driven, is too much of an A personality and too competitive to quit. She is not a quitter; Don't know why the psychiatrist cleared her; someone needs to give her a good verbal lashing (probably her mother, who annoys her) and get her back into reality.


Sometimes I think there's no pleasing fans. If she would have bounced back quickly folks would have said it wasn't believable. Shonda is letting to story organically develop. The kind of trauma she faced at the end of season 6, normal people just don't bounce back overnight. It's a slow process back to being and feeling normal again. Christina has never been able to fake it like the rest of them. She's been the realist character on the show. So it's perfectly logically that she would be unable to fake it now and go back to work like nothing's happened. It's logical that she would have a hard time coping. The people who have up the most walls, the people who are "realest" are often the people who are the most sensitive.


mark's a little bitch............


What I am wondering is, why is Cristina not under psychiatric care? Meredith was seeing a psychiatrist because of her chronic relationship problems, and that makes sense. But PTSD is a major mental illness; and Christina's symptoms (like hiding under the table during surgery) are alarming. It is "cruel" for the authors to essentially let Cristina fend for herself (no character slur intended). Christina's friends, who are doctors, simply do not have the where-with-all to address her condition, and they should have the medical awareness to understand that. It is strange to me that nobody even suggests, let alone mandades, that she receive help.


I want the old Cristina back! This storyline is getting boring. I understand about the PTSD but this is a TV show and it is being dragged out. Lets move on to maybe Cristina realizes she married in haste or something. There are so many storylines that could be told with this. Watching Cristina not being able to form an opinion is wrong. Maybe she can also move in with Mer - why not - everyone else lives there. Derek is as crazy as Mer is for agreeing to the stupid living arrangement that is happening. Why not just have the entire cast move in with Mer? Isn't it suppose to be their house rather than Meredith's house? I hate this storyline!


Uhhh they are so annoying me with this indecisive, non caring and boring Christina. It's getting to the point where I want to stop watching they show. It's like enough with the milking of the storyline. I they don't wrap it up I'm done with this show.


why is each episode of Grays Anatomy on for two weeks. I was looking forward to an new episode this week and lo and behold last weeks episode was on again.


christina needs to get over it - this is really ruining the show... i am bored with it already...

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