Who Will Die on The Vampire Diaries?

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A main character will die on The Vampire Diaries.

At Comic-Con in New York City last weekend, producer Julie Plec hinted at this spoiler, while E! News proceeded to follow up the rumor with a report that made it clear, quoting "reliable sources" that said:

The Vampire Diaries  will be killing off one of its characters. And it won't be the Jeremy-got-his-neck-snapped-but-was-wearing-a-magic-ring kind of death. This one will be for good.

Caroline and Matt
As Jeremy
Aunt Jenna
Bonnie Photo

Watch this exciting Vampire Diaries trailer, and then prepare to say goodbye to one of these characters!

So, who are the leading death contenders?

At the aforementioned panel discussion, Plec referenced the fact that Tyler has to commit murder in order to turn into a werewolf and said:

"The way that that plays out, when it plays out, you're going to be concerned for someone on this table."

Sitting at that table were Zach Roerig, Steven R. McQueen, Sara Canning and Katerina Graham, all of whom would be reasonable options (it's safe to assume Damon, Elena and Stefan will live to fight, and be sexy, for another few seasons). Vote now: Which of these characters be spending eternity with Vicki and Anna?

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I really don't think it's necessary to kill anyone off though. In actually, the writers are stretching things a bit too far. Matt and Jenna are the only two ppl on the show who have no idea that the supernatural exists. I think it would be better to leave some interactions that involve innocent characters.


I think Matt will be the one to die. Tyler's werewolf story needs to progress somehow and I think Tyler will be the one to kill Matt accidently, causing him guilt, grief and starting his transformation. Matt's death will bring everyone together to bring katherine down, especially Caroline and Elena. I think Katherine will have compelled Matt to get Tyler pissed like Damon compelled the worker at the Fair who Tyler fought.


I would have said Jer... I got this feeling ya know... Well, we'll see how it goes...


As Much as I would hate to see jeremy go i have a feeling that it is him. Recently Tyler and him have become friends which is something that obviously wont last long with tylers tempers and jeremys stuborness. It will be tyler who kills him and then bam, tyler is a full moon creature. Lets just hope im wrong though.


I really hope its Bonnie because Bonnie has such a snobby attitude towards Damon but I dont think it will be her. I dont think they should kill off Matt since he's the only human unaware of the situation. But Matt does piss Tyler off a lot! I think it might be Jenna or Matt.......


Man, im suprised its one of them. I would have thought it would be Elena since she dies several times in the books. Erm probably Matt or Jeremy though i'd be sad to see any of them go. Wouldent mind if Jenna died but shes too irelevent


NOOOOOOOOOO!!! i dont want n e of them to be killed off. please please pleeeeeaaasseee dont make it be jeremy, or matt.


Even though I'd love it to be Bonnie, she really bothers me with her holier- than-thou nasty attitude.
I believe it will be Matt or Jenna. Even though we know it's the VAMPIREs stories that are at the heart of the show. The roles of these uninformed, mere humans has dwindled so much this season
that you've got to figure they won't be around much longer.
I think Matts' number will be up in this case because it will not only bring up problems for Tyler if he's the one who "accidently" kills him, but for Carolyn who loved & dumped him. She can go though a whole guilt thing there too


I pretty much think it's Matt. Matt upsets Tyler in some way then Tyler goes bonkers and poof. We have a furry animal unleashed. If they kill JEREMY [which is why, by the way I AM WATCHING THIS SHOW] off. Then adios. Just give Jeremy a good storyline and we'll be fine. *screaming fan girls at the background* MORE JEREMY PLEASE!


No no no no no no no NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!! :'( !!!!
My jaw dropped when I read this !!! Nooooooooooooooo :( This blows.... :(

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