90210 Round Table: "Mother Dearest"

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Most readers seem to agree: 90210 was a bore this week.

But the TV Fanatic staff has powered through and come up with a new edition of the 90210 Round Table anyway. We do it all for you, folks. So kick back, check out the following questions/answers and give us feedback on the topics to come...

What was your favorite scene from the episode?
M.L. House: Everything about Annie and Dixon going to visit their father. In the history of lame 90210 storylines, this may have been the most anticlimactic, seeing as every viewer knew Rob Estes had left the show and wouldn't be answering the door.

LJ Gibbs: Not much to love this week, but I'll go with the brief scene between Navid, Dixon and Liam on their way to surfing. Just some nice male bonding there, though no idea how Dixon can take the side of LeBron James.

MeanKittyKat: Thoroughly enjoyed Adrianna finally putting her douche manager" in his place and calling the shots from now on. Managers get 10 percent, not 80. You'll get five. Suck on that, Victor.

90210 RT, Take 2

Is this the last we've seen of Jen?
M.L. House: I'd say she'll be back in a couple years, but, honestly, I'm not sure if 90210 will still be around then. The number of viewers hasn't broken two million in weeks.

LJ Gibbs: Of course not. We'll see her every week in the beautiful eyes and smile of young Jack. (Awwww, I know.)

MeanKittyKat: Jen may have skipped town, but it's definitely NOT the last we've seen of her.  They always trot her out whenever there's a lull in Naomi's world.  Maybe she went off to hunt down and kill her sister's rapist, Mr. Cannon?

Are Ivy and Oscar now even?
M.L. House: No. If Oscar is truly "evil," as Ivy dubbed him to be, I'm not sure how exposing his attractive male body to a bunch of strangers really counts as revenge.

LJ Gibbs: Nope. Not until Ivy sleeps with Oscar's father.

MeanKittyKat: I suppose in Ivy's world being left naked in a pool is considered revenge, but personally I'm not sure that mattered much to skeevy Oscar.

What singer would you want to be your date to a magazine party?
M.L. House: Taylor Swift... wait, I don't want her to write a song about me some day. I'll go with Lady Gaga just to see if Joe Jonas actually gets jealous or not.

LJ Gibbs: Katy Perry. This is why.

MeanKittyKat: Um...definitely NOT Joe Jonas.  Bland vanilla wafers are not my taste.  Let's inject some insanity in this bitch and go with Steven Tyler!  I'm sure some drama would ensue, whether it be him screeching out a tune or passing out on the red carpet.

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I adore chair

1. I really liked the scene where Adrianna stood up to her ass of a manager and when she told everyone Navid was her boyfriend. I also liked that Naomi worked with Ivy to humiliate Oscar. 2 I feel bad for her, I think she's trying to redeem herself with Naomi and that could be a great sibling dynamic. 3. I don't think it equvilates what Oscar did in the slightest. 4. Ed Westwick. haha yeah he's a singer in a band, fair game.. I guess I would say Justin Timberlake, because he's justin timberlake.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
I will also have to seeing the male bonding between Dixon,Teddy, & Liam only because I got to see abs of three sexy boys cough cough mans. Is this the last we've seen of Jen?
I think this is the last we seen of Jen only because The Bitch became lame and ran out of stuff to write for her and BTW M.L. House not to be rude but 90210 last ep. broke 2 million and the ep. before as well had 2 million please keep up with your ratings. Are Ivy and Oscar now even?
Nope,Ivy could have done better then that and that was our pleasure getting to see more abs this ep. What singer would you want to be your date to a magazine party?
Zac Efron


1. when Navid drive his Ferrari, damn, his filthy rich
2. ha, the writer always find a way to bring her back to fire things up
3. lol @ LJ Gibbs answer, totally agree though :p
4. NPH, just to see if i can turn him straight or not :D

Whipped by damon

1. My favourite was actually Navid confronting his father, it felt real.
2. No way
3. The whole thing just welt very junior high..but what do I know, I've never been deflowered by a dude that already slept with my mum! :)
4. I'm tempted to go for some drama and say Marilyn Manson but really, I'd prefer some armcandy,so I'll go with Justin Timberlake!

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