Abbie Cobb to Cause Problems for Annie on 90210

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90210 has cast a relative/stalker for Annie.

As previously reported, a cousin named Emily will soon enter the picture and cause problems by essentially trying to steal Annie's identity. She'll go after this character's acting parts and also a certain somebody she's crushed on over the years, Liam.

We can now confirm that Abbie Cobb has landed the role. The young actress most recently appeared on an episode of The Mentalist. What do you think of this casting decision? Cobb looks nice and shady to us...

Abbie Cobb
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Don't watch 90210 but just watched teenage bank heist on LMN & i just knew this girl was Jenny Garth's daughter. Wow unbelievable, look alike, sound alike its just to freakn weird!


I had to run to the computer to see if Emily was relation to Jennie Garth or not ah looks like her doppleganger I swear.


Totally looks like Jennie Garth.. There freaking twins 20 years apart


Emily is sneaky. She's also very cute and not like the look of the others so I and my friends are relating to her.


omg,I found this when I was googling to see if she was Jennie garth's daughter too. looks exactly like her!


would rather watch Emily vs. Annie than the superbowl.


Totally googled if she was Jennie Garths daughter, Its scary how much she looks like her!


Ok great more people think like me... I thought I was loosing my mind... The show is awesome and I have also been on google looking to see if Abbie and Jennie were related her kids don't even look like her the way Abbie does.... (Maybe its Jennie's father or mother Secret love child) lol


Mondays episode was amazing... can't believe EMILY IS SO SNEAKY!! Lookin' forward to seeing the hell raisin' she does!


Okay so is she related or not?? lol how could she not be? it's the spitting image of her!


I'm gonna kill Dixon.


I too get ornery.

Naomi [kicking table]