Abbie Cobb to Cause Problems for Annie on 90210

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90210 has cast a relative/stalker for Annie.

As previously reported, a cousin named Emily will soon enter the picture and cause problems by essentially trying to steal Annie's identity. She'll go after this character's acting parts and also a certain somebody she's crushed on over the years, Liam.

We can now confirm that Abbie Cobb has landed the role. The young actress most recently appeared on an episode of The Mentalist. What do you think of this casting decision? Cobb looks nice and shady to us...

Abbie Cobb

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Hell to the YEAH she looks like Jennie Garth! This show keeps getting better and better - and Teddy is waaaaaaay hotter as a gay dude


omg she looks just like jennie garth!!! but its like the 2011 version of valerie malone :-O


i think she look like jennie garth


@ Whipped By Damon. They are talking about Annie crushing on Liam over the years, they just did not put the sentence in right.

Whipped by damon

I do look forward to this development but isn't she Annie's cousin from could she have been crushing on Liam for years..would she know of him at all? Has she been stalking Annie's facebook or sth? :)


I want more Annie and Liam!!!!!


Way to go Abbie...She will be a wonderful addition to the show!!!!


is that the taylor momsen look a like


I think that she is shady enough to fit in this storyline..!! oh, and she is exactly same with Jennie Garth!! haha


Oh my word, she is SO beautiful!

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