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Bones Spoilers: An Epiphany For Brennan

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Throughout the new season, prompted largely by the arrival of Hannah, Bones fans have been wondering when Brennan will finally wake up and see what she's missing.

The answer is sooner, rather than later!

In midseason finale, Brennan investigates the murder of a workaholic, which hits close to home, as our favorite forensic anthropologist draw parallels to her own life.

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Looks like Brennan may finally get the message.

"She's forced to face feelings that she's never had to deal with before," executive producer Stephen Nathan tells TV Guide, teasing this potential turning point for her.

"She confronts the fact that this woman was running her whole life from feeling anything and she has to confront whether she's going to run her whole life from feeling anything. It butts right up against her relationship with Booth and the past five years of history."

Does this mean Brennan will finally admit her true feelings? What does it mean for Booth's relationship with Hannah? How do you see it playing out? Discuss below ...

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I think hart hanson wants to stretch the b&b relationship as far as he can,so Brennan will tell booth she regrets not telling him she wants to give it a shot,but realises from the doctor case,that she must risk falling in love.and that can't be booth as he's with Hannah.


With Booth being all uncomfortable and plain rude (an ass)this season. He is apparently not caring about her or anyone else in the team anymore so i think she should tell him he should move on be happy. She needs to continue on with her life without him and get another partner.


Agreed. :)


I personally am hoping for the permanent conclusion of the Hannah character. It has been a long disgusting and frustrating season with no end in sight. I will gladly welcome any change that will included the final chapter to the Hannah character. I would rather loose the Hannah character, and save our beloved squint-tern from the sniper. If you can please, forward this post to HH and SN the writers of the show.

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Cam: (laughs) Interested, is that what I'm supposed to be.
Angela: I just thought tha-
Cam: That because I'm black, I should be all over this.

You look beautiful.

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