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Hilary Duff was hyped as the major guest star on this week's episode of Community, but through no fault of her own, the actress was upstaged by a trampoline.

Indeed, "Aerodynamics of Gender" wasn't the Mean Girls parody I had heard it would be, aside from the simple fact that it featured a few mean girls. But it really featured one mean Abed above all else, and while I can't really get enough of his robotic one-liners, the storyline didn't really offer up anything aside from them.

Except for what I'll refer to as Abed Vision, a visual gag that classified Abed as an actual robot (who watches Cougar Town, if you freeze framed one of the shots) immediately prior to zinging a fellow student. Funny stuff.

Hilary Duff on Community

Question: did you find Chang funny or annoying? I'm assuming the show made him purposely over-the-top, as some kind of stand-in/mockery of sitcoms with a live studio audience. But I still just thought he was grating.

Moving on, Jeff and Troy's discovery of a Secret Garden-like area alongside Greendale, replete with the world's most tranquil trampoline, stole the episode.

It was just so absurd and so ridiculous and so the kind of thing only
Community could pull off. It was also a welcome change to see Jeff not involved in a story that had him rebelling against the group for once.

Quite the opposite, in fact, as he bonded with Troy and found the sort of peace for which Pierce would kill his family. The set-up worked perfectly as a side plot, but then became one of my favorite gags ever when Joshua was revealed to be a racist, culminating in that Swastika tattoo flashback. It's gonna be a maze. I'm still laughing.

Here's a look at the other Community quotes that helped make this episode one of the season's best:

Pierce: Tell me how to get this laid-back, or I'll kill your families! | permalink
Britta: It's called a Muffin Top, Abed.
Abed: Like a muffin. Clever. | permalink
Abed: It's Wednesday. Sometimes I eat in Jeff's car. Don't tell him. | permalink
Britta: Why name your daughter Megan? Are you stocking up for a bitch shortage? | permalink
Britta: Women of Greendale! This cafeteria is hereby declared a bitch-free zone! | permalink
Megan [to Abed]: It's like your mom is a lizard who got raped by a Muppet. | permalink


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pause on the Abed computer display and you'll see some foreshadowing of future episodes ("Make a blanket fort", "confirm Mom for Christmas", etc.) on the right, under "To-Do List". just another reason Community is awesome.


Abed heads-up display was awesome.


Chang is annoying. The last time he was interesting was in the dance-off episode.


Chang was very annoying, out of place for at least the last 3 episodes..
They should have Hilary Duff interact more with the girls also.


I love community and even though I was disappointed with the episode because I loved mean Girls and thought they could do an excellent parody which they didnt, it was still one of the funniest things on television this week
my only criticsm is that they should show that pierce is more a part of the group and not the underdog, and they should fire ken jeong because his character is ruining the show(except the scene where jeff shuts the door into his face) and it's degrading to its already decreasing popularity as a good actor, JEONG OUT


I didn't think the garden thing was the Secret Garden. I took it as a play on the Garden of Eden. Troy and jeff are told there's only one thing they can't do (eat the apple / jump on the trampoline),they do it, and the garden is destroyed.


Chang's incessant "snap" thing DID fail after a while. It seems he's contractually needed to be in every episode whether he's useful or not. They really screwed things up when they ousted him as a teacher. He should have been the one to take over Anthropology because he works better as a demented authority figure. I love this show, but yet again they underutilize the women in favour of Abed. I like the guy, but it looks like someone decided that he's the the breakout character like "Sheldon Cooper" over on BBT and are gonna beat him into the ground, which is a big big BIG mistake.

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Community Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

It's Wednesday. Sometimes I eat in Jeff's car. Don't tell him.


Why name your daughter Megan? Are you stocking up for a bitch shortage?